Saturday, 9 August 2008


Today on the walk back from a work lunch at India Quay, I had a conversation with a male colleague which went, to my ears, something like this . . .

MC: Oh man, did you hear Pininfarina* died???

Me: (blankly) Who?

MC: Pininfarina (looking incredulous that I don't know who this is)

Me: Is that a person?

MC: He was really famous, I can't believe you've never heard of him. He was the head of a car designing company - they designed Ferraris and Maseratis and gregwggewgwg wgwggrewgg wgerwhterhtrh gewgwgwrgwerg sdkfnfka sgegrewgewmg wefeife . . .** Anyway, you seriously didn't know who he was?

Me: No. So how did he die?

MC: He was hit by a car while he was on his scooter.

Me: Was it a Ferrari that hit him???

(Both of us tried not to laugh. Then MC points at a car sitting outside a garage)

MC: Look, there's a car he designed there. That's a dgdggs eetew wefwefwefw.

Me: Oh right. Did he design any pink cars?

MC: You don't design the COLOUR of a car, just the car itself. Cars can be any colour really. (looking like me like I'm mental) Oh and look, there's one he designed just driving past. (points) Not the BMW, the one in front of it.

Me: I don't even know what one the BMW was!

MC: Do you not know anything about cars? (I shake my head) Don't you drive?

Me: Nope! I identify cars by colour. Like that blue one there. I like that cos it's a pretty colour and it's really shiny.

MC: What blue one? There's three over there. Do you mean the dark blue one?

Me: (impatiently) The kinda turquoisey one. The most shiny one!

MC: Oh no, that other blue one's a nicer shape.

Me: (annoyed) But it's not as shiny and it's not a nice shade of blue!!!

For Gods sake, some people just don't understand cars at all . . . ;)

*Yes, I had to look the name up since I couldn't for the LIFE of me remember it ten seconds after the fact.

**This was the point where I seriously started to lose track of the conversation.


  1. I wanna know where I can buy a pink Maserati. Zoom zoom zoom.

  2. you are too cute sometimes P, the most shiny blue car. hehehe.

  3. you are too cute sometimes P, the most shiny blue car. hehehe.

  4. You didn't know who pininfarina was????

    *shakes head sadly*

  5. OH that's a real name? hahaha, you and me idea who that is. Did he design those creepy little smart cars outside my balcony? Because they are weird. Any car with only two seats is weird to me. What if you have to take two people somewhere? You're screwed. One of them has to go in the trunk or something.

  6. hahaha this is totally a conversation I would have!

  7. I know a little bit about types of cars but NOT anything else. Like horsepower...engine stuff-- I'm completely clueless!


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