Sunday, 31 August 2008


. . . (and I don't mean in a dodgy way!) you might like this vid . . .

So anyway guess what??? I'm getting to keep my mate's Nintendo Wii and various games for a couple of nights!!! He very kindly is letting me borrow it - and "Guitar Hero" too! I am over the moon to be reunited with my beloved game - I'm finding my musical standards have really slipped in the month and a bit since Belfast though, gotta up my game a little!!!

We also played the Sonic and Mario at the Olympics game tonight - I definitely wasn't as skilled at that as I wanted to be, but I'll get some practice in at it tomorrow; maybe make my flatmate join in to motivate me.

All very exciting! AND I get a lie-in tomorrow - I've worked seven straight days in a row now so I figure I deserve it. Not too far off hitting the hay right now, I'm wiped out.

"Blondi" can get on with combining her busy musical career with her Olympic aspirations tomorrow . . .


  1. a lie-in is like sleeping late? if so, i had one today and it was very much deserved!

  2. Hope you had very sweet and prolonged dreams!!

  3. I hope you have fun with the Wii! I just bought Wii Olympics and am so sore from all of the swimming!


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