Tuesday, 12 August 2008


It's Cheer-me-Up Tuesday and predictably I am the one who needs to be cheered up. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I was okay earlier on. Isn't it funny how one random comment, which wasn't even necessarily meant to upset, can actually make you feel like crying for the rest of the day. Because you realise that perhaps deep down, nothing has changed? That you still are maybe hurting over something, that you maybe didn't realise you WERE hurting over. It's all very odd.

Sorry, I'm being obtuse. But don't really feel up for saying more.

Anyway, I've guest posted over at Diana's blog so check me out if you have a minute. She suggested I blog about when I was 25 - which I thought was a good idea until i remembered that 25 was kinda a bad year for me lifewise. Oh dear.

Not sure I can cheer anyone else up when I can't cheer up myself (I would soooo love someone to send me a funny joke or something right now, anything to make me laugh), but here's my attempt -

If you like part one you can check out parts two and three on youtube.

Feel free to try and cheer me up!


  1. who said what to you? want me to punch them in the face? i would if i didn't live here and you there.

    sorry your feeling depressed at the moment, there really is nothing i can say or do to make you come out of it, but just know that you will...when you need too.

    thanks for writing on my blog (excellent post by the way)..come over any time and write again, you don't need my permission.

    just know that you are probably better inside and out than the person that said something to you that made you spiral downward today..keep your head up and maybe go have a drink when you get off work or something!

  2. hey diana - i don't even think the person who said it meant it in a horrible way, they were just kinda thinking out loud and just kinda confirmed something i had been wondering about for a while. but they hadn't meant it to upset me, or didn't realise it would!

  3. Here is something that will cheer you up (I hope).

    I just washed the bathroom in my underwear. I hate the thought of getting bleach on my clothes.

    A bit random I know, but thought it might make you giggle.

    Anyone else do that?

    S X

  4. it's past midnight and technically wednesday...so at least depressed tuesday is over!!! yayyy! and it's hump day!!

  5. why did the koala fall out of the tree?

    It got hit by a fridge.

  6. skinny girl - nice image, lol! :)

    libby - good point, thanks! and today was much better.

    sonnyvsdan - i love random jokes like that! :)

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