Friday, 22 August 2008


Ever been in a bar where the dj is playing the most crap, random music ever? Loudly? As in you can't even hear the conversation you're having with your friends properly?

And THEN the music goes up louder? So you can't hear anything at all? You're shouting at your friends and they're shouting at you and nothing makes sense so, enraged, you shout something like "isn't this dj CRAP?" . . .

. . . Just as aforementioned dj turns the sound down lower than before?

Just me then???

Other than that, I'm feeling a bit melancholy tonight. Perhaps because I've had a good night, was on a high and now I'm alone and heading in the OPPOSITE direction. This is when I start to miss certain people I shouldn't. Oh well. This song kinda sums it up quite well I think...


  1. Ha ha yeah, either a comment about the dj, or how cheap that girl over there looks... Or how much you hate your friend's boyfriend. Ouch.

  2. oh man oh man I LOVE that song, in a total 80´s way of course. I know the feeling hon. great song

  3. Yep, i feel you there. That happened to me once, only my friends and i were gossiping about the skanky girl sitting a few tables away and the song cut out.


  4. miss em - glad it ain't just me it's happened to! :)

    chele - nik kershaw is playing near glasgow next week at some retro festival. i almost got on the guestlist but then it was sadly taken away from me. Oh well . . .

    amy - did she know you were talking about her???

    knikki - does that mean it's happened to you before too then?

  5. Haha, well somebody had to tell him. :)


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