Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Who the fuck knows. I did originally have a post in mind, but now it has COMPLETELY slipped out of my head. Doncha hate that??? So what to talk about NOW???

There's the fact I had a shitty day from pretty much start to finish. But hey what's new, right? (Actually to be honest, it really WAS one of the worst work days I've had in a while - since the last one that is - but I suppose when you're feeling pressured for time the day actually goes FASTER, and during the afternoon I had the odd funny email to cheer me up and make me smile, thank god for that!)

Or I could talk about the bad news one of my friends gave me first thing this morning. It quite upset me - more for selfish reasons than anything else, admittedly, but I can sort of understand why she is doing it. I just don't want her to go elsewhere, is that so wrong??? I don't really like things to change!!! But oh well . . .

How about I tell you about the hotel I'll be staying at??? But I've not been there yet so how the fuck do I know??? Wait a minute, I can just direct you to the link - right. About. Here... :)

Or how about the weather??? That being said, I don't trust weather forecasts, especially when this one will probably change another three million times in the next few days . . .

I could tell you about my new diet - which involves me eating whatever I want, but not wasting calories on the bit I don't. So, for example, if I want to eat Skittles, I will. But I'll only eat the red, yellow and orange ones . . . cos they're my favourites! The green and purple ones get binned. Know it's a waste of food, but wasting calories on things I don't want pisses me off even more. Or for dinner tonight, I had a stuffed crust pizza, but only ate the stuffed crust part. Just think how many calories I saved . . . (And yes, I do realise that a SALAD would have saved me even MORE calories but where's the fun in that, eh?)

I thought if I rambled long enough I might find something to talk about. And something has struck me - Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. I've been meaning to mention this for a while.

Do you think they'll actually last???

I LOVE Jen, don't get me wrong, I'm firmly in the Team Aniston camp, and find it difficult to view a photo of Angelina Jolie without wanting to punch it (unfortunately that hurts ME far more than it hurts her, especially if the magazine is perched on something solid at the time). But think how much her luck has changed - one moment Hollywood dream couple with Brad Pitt, next swinging (not literally!) from one dude to the next, all ending in disaster. So how is Mr Mayer different?

Let's face it, if anything, he's WORSE. I know a lot of people like his music, or think he's good looking, or both . . . but he's a player extraordinaire. Do we really believe Jen is any different from the other girls he claims to have fallen for in the past? I find it hard to believe, and from the sounds of it most of her friends are too. They think he's using her for fame (after all, she is far better known than he is), and that he's going to break her heart. Again.

And okay, every magazine runs articles about them, from them falling out over him being in touch with his exes, or her planning to get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of surgery to keep looking younger for him - and we don't know what's true and what's just there to sell papers and magazines. But we have to go with the odds here. Jen has been hurt repeatedly. And John has hurt other girls repeatedly.

Perhaps he really DOES love Jennifer. I hope that's the case anyway. But I'm pretty cynical about these things, particularly in the celebrity world. Which reminds me what I was originally going to post about. But that'll have to keep for another time . . .

UPDATE: Almost forgot about Cheer-me-up-Tuesday but can't really be arsed trawling youtube or whatever looking for something, so look at this link instead. . . (Sorry, I'm recycling from a myspace blog but hey-ho!)


  1. I am loving your new diet. I'm going to start eating the cheese off of everything!!

  2. I'm liking the sounds of this diet...

  3. I quite like the sound of your diet. But I'd be binning the yellow and orange skittles ;-)

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow! xxx

  4. I have been wondering about Jen and Jon too! They seem like such a weird couple. Who knows?

  5. It's quite normal to jump into the post with ideas.... and as soon as you hit the keyboard, *poof* its gone!

    Hang in there! ;)

    btw - Have fun in Barca; it's in my top 3 favourite cities!

  6. Your diet is probably the smartest thing I've read all day. For dinner tonight I think I'm going to order a cheese pizza and just eat the cheese. I've always wanted to do that.

    Jen and John are deffinetly NOT going to last. I'm just hoping she gets sick of him before it's the other way around, poor girl. And he's not that great looking anyway. She can do so much better.

  7. Did you make that diet idea up?

  8. Judging from almost every other Hollywood couple, I'm going to guess that Jen and John won't last. While it would be nice to see Jen happy and settled, I'm just not sure if John's the guy.


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