Sunday, 27 July 2008


Random quote of yesterday . . .

My sister: Do I look pregnant in this top?
Me: No!!!
(Brief pause)
Me: ARE you???
My sister: NO!!!!

I love the sunshine and it's BACK!!! Currently sitting on the floor with the window open, basking in it. Yes, I KNOW I could go outside and enjoy it, but why bother when it can come to me!!! Plus it means I can keep my laptop plugged in. Feeling my skin heating up quite nicely and sunshine is the best way to happiness as far as I'm concerned. Love it love it LOVE it. I REALLY need to move somewhere with more sunshine . . .

I just spent the past hour or so playing some weird word game on facebook where they give you six letters and you have to make as many words out of it as possible. It's nearly as addictive as the typing test . . . but I am USELESS at it. Absolutely PANTS. I hate not being good at something, I get quite frustrated and competitive with myself, so I've had to log off for the moment. Soon to return, I'm sure though! Also, I got Guitar Hero for the DS as a friend recommended it to me, so have spent a big chunk of the day playing that too. Man, I am SAAAAD . . .

I really enjoyed "Mamma Mia" but the Abba songs kinda put me off (oh, the irony!!!). I don't like Abba very much. That being said, it was more the slow, slushy ones that made me wish the film would be over. Everything else was fab, and the Greek Island it was filmed on looked absolutely amazing . . . although just a tad dangerous with all the cliff faces and rocks and stuff. Hmmm, guaranteed if I went there i would drunkenly walk off the edge of a cliff into the sea. You can see it happening, can't you???

Oh, and I'm now the proud owner of more gold jewellery than I have ever owned in my life as my Granda gave me and my sister free run of my Gran's jewelery box yesterday. He basically forced us to take most of it, saying it was no good to everyone else. So I have a lot of gold and precious stones now, and some cool retro brooches. It felt a bit weird to be pawing through her stuff but back when we were kids we would drape each other in her accessories when we were over and I believe she said we could have it one day, so I guess it was what she wanted really. My Granda seems to be holding up really well, and is more active than ever for someone in his eighties.

Anyway, I'm just sort of rambling, basically just posting for the sake of it. Think the sun is affecting my brain, but as long as it keeps me happy, I don't care!

So there's certain songs that always make me think of summer and I always HAVE to revisit on a sunny day . . . here's one of my favourites. I'm blasting this right now - makes me wish I owned a convertible so I could drive around with the top down playing this tune. Of course, I'd have to learn to DRIVE first too . . .


  1. Text Twist (or Text Twirl) is the most simultaneously frustrating and addictive game ever.

  2. Haha! Such a lame way to let someone know you are pregnant!

  3. Absolutely that line.
    Cant wait for European sun myself

  4. I love the sun so much too, it just puts me in such a better mood. I wish I had the balls to move somewhere more south where it's always hot. I think I get that winter moody blues.

    PS, love the song!!

  5. Angela - frustrating +addictive = ideal combination!!! :)

    PP - it would probably be the way my sis WOULD break it to me!!!

    chele - surely the sun in thailand is far better???

    Lyla - part of me would love to move to spain or the canary islands but i just don't think i have the balls either. that being said, a move for you could give you warmer weather in the same country, so maybe you should consider it!

  6. Damn I wish my g-ma would let me raid her stuff....that's exciting!

  7. Scrabulous on facebook is a great way to waste time at work :P


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