Saturday, 5 July 2008


So because we work on flexi-time, but cover has to be provided so that other departments can contact us, our department in work has a five o'clock rota. Every day, one person has to stay until five. It can be a bit of a pain sometimes when you just want to rush out the door at four (and that hour can make all the difference to the length of your leisure time) but there's enough of us so that we only have to do it every couple of weeks. Simple enough, right?

Except the person who made up the rota this time managed to leave last week off the rota. So I was down for friday THIS week but due to the fact there had been no last week's rota, I felt obliged to do LAST week's late finish instead. I discussed this with one of my colleagues, as no one else appeared to notice the hole in the rota, and sje saod she was taking it to mean that we were now following NEXT week's rota, which I was not on. So yesterday I left at four as usual.

After I got home though, I worried that maybe no one else had understood that, so later on I decided to check my work email. Only to find a cheeky email from ANOTHER collaague basically asking me where I was cos I should be there. Now he'd sent this to me at twenty past four, and it must have been quite obvious I was away - what did he hope to accomplish as in theory I wasn't going to get it until Monday. I got really angry imagining him bitching about me to whoever was left in the office so I replied back with a similarlu cheeky email saying that in case he hadn't notice, last week's rota had been missing and I had done my five i'clock finish last week instead and that it wasn't fair to expect me to do it two Fridays in a row. I also finished off by saying that if he had any issues with this, he should make sure the problem with the rota was sorted.

Seriously, this made me so mad. I quite often have to cover other people's late finish and I also quite often OFFER to cover for some people, rarely getting the same in return. On top of that nearly every time I AM on the rota, someone else is voluntarily staying until five anyway and turns to me around about quarter to five and says "Oh P, i'm going to be here until five anyway if you want to go" (which makes me want to shout "Couldn't you have told me that at four?") It's not my fault that there was a mistake with the rota

I don'r regret sending that email, don't get me wrong. The only thing I DO regret is the fact I sent it at eleven o'clock on a Friday night. Because it makes me look like SUCH a saddo . . .

UPDATE: I'm actually feeling really bad about this now. Not cos he didn't deserve it, cos he did. But I don't want to start world war 3 in the office just because something went wrong along the system of communication. To be honest, I was in a bad mood last night and pretty much ANYONE who said anything to me I didn't like would have got short shrift, so I'm thinking maybe I should send a second apologetic email. No?


  1. Just stop covering for everyone else. I learned long ago that covering for folk at work was a pretty thankless job.

    People take advantage and come to expect you to always do these things you used to only do as favours.

    And when you don't, obviously you're in the wrong.

  2. Email is so hard to read...I'd say just say a quick "sorry for my pissy email" on Monday and move on. He's a guy, so he has already gotten over it. It is only us who analyze everything so much!

  3. I would just let it go. It clearly wasn't your problem

  4. I'd just say something in person on Monday. You could just tell him you were frustrated with the situation, not him. I'm sure it'll be fine :-)

  5. I wouldn't send another email. I'd just tell him on Monday in person if he's all pissy about it because after all he did send the first email.


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