Tuesday, 22 July 2008


This is a message for a certain group of guys out there

The strangers walking past us and staring, or ogling us as we walk past, or shouting things from cars,, while we walk along cringing in embarrassment . . .

Why do you do it?

I don't mind the staring, as such. It's the comments, the shouting.

Why in the world is there any need for you to tell us how much you like our breasts while virtually sticking your head down our top, or telling us about your desire to grab our ass, or shouting out "have you got a licence for that wiggle?" Do you have to make loud comments within earshot to each other about how you much you want to DO us? Or think that shouting obscenities, or saying "Hello" in order to impress your friends then getting offended when we don't reply is going to make us LIKE you more? Er . . . no, you're strangers! Do you think we stand for this sort of behaviour from guys we actually KNOW??? (Well, sometimes, but that's besides the point).

The thing is this. Some of us don't mind being admired, we really don't. It's nice, don't get me wrong. Knowing someone has just eyed you up can cheer us up when we're feeling ugly . . . or make us feel even hotter when we're feeling on top of the world.

But here's the thing. And maybe it's just me. But I HATE when builders whistle on me, when guys shout out of cars at me. It makes me cringe to the very core of my being. I dread passing a construction site because of the shouting. But . . . if it doesn't happen . . . I get even more annoyed (such is the contadictory nature of females . . . )

Because it actually makes me wonder what's wrong with me?

So if you strangers just DIDN'T shout at us in the first place, didn't set that precedent, and only LOOKED, then even after we STOP being "worthy" of being looked at, at least we can still imagine you are.

Oh, and it's also worth remembering it might make you look like less of a chauvinistic, offensive pig in the first place . . .

Cheer-Me-Up Tuesday comes courtesy of two videos. Firstly one I think I showed on my previous blog but I think it's a great song so you're getting it again anyway!

And an example of what happens when being useless at chatting someone up goes HORRIBLY wrong . . .



    oh, and most of us guys don't age past 13...forever young isn't always good.

  2. I hate the hanging out the window yelling. Like they expect us to run after the car or something?

    Has that ever worked? I hope not.

  3. I hate that. But then I have to question if I really do, because when I don't get, I wonder why. Gross. I am gross. ;)

  4. hehe i like it. call me shallow
    it's when it's a not-so-flattering thing they yell out the cars that's embarassing

  5. It depends what kind of mood i'm in, but usually its just embarassing. It doesnt exactly make me angry, just a bit " why did you have to go and draw that attention to me ? " .....
    But hey, if i'm having a great time at the pub and i'm slightly tipsy and some gorgeous guy behind me in line at the bar " accidentally " grabs my bum then.... who cares really ?

  6. I dont know If I am that much better as I love to stare at shirtless carpenters and road side workers in the summer....the Scandinavian men looks so hot somehow and I let them know.

  7. yeah, i know what you mean! If only they didnt say anything...

    Once, a guy shouted at me from a car 'nice legs, what time do they open?'. It was sooooo gross.

  8. Haha totally making us females sound sane and rational there ;)

  9. aaaah that is probably my favorite flight of the conchords song! hahaha.

  10. lol
    I loved the second Video!

    And me is a V good boy!! I only eye up a lil bit! (my wife know I do it so I REALLY behave myself... hehehe).


    PS: BTW... I am not really in your previous blogroll... but it you want to add me to the new one... feel free... :) www.urbanvox.net! xxx

  11. I hate the street caller guys!! And for some dumb reason I'm always too shy to just ignore or give them a dirty look. I always give like a weak half smile or tiny little wave, and I hate it!! I need to grow some balls..

    Love the videos!! Deffinetly needed those today=)


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