Thursday, 31 July 2008


Why the post title? Well, I quite LITERALLY had my knickers in a twist today . . . and I didn't even notice until this afternoon. I know I dressed in a bit of a hurry this morning but that seriously takes the biscuit...

Otherwise, nothing's related. I am STILL attempting to pack and failing dismally. I have about ten dresses and a bikini packed and that's about it. I'm trying to leave packing The New Dress until the last minute because I don't want it to get mega crushed. I'm trying to decide what to do about getting to the airport - the original plan was that my friend would come and stay here tonight and we would go to the airport together in a taxi tomorrow, but she threw a spanner in the works last night and said why don't I go to hers and her dad will come and pick us up and take us there for free. But her flat is much further from the airport than mine, AND then we have to rely on her dad (who she doesn't live with) waking up and coming to get us. I'm tempted to say I'll just meet her at the airport tomorrow but then I have to trust her to wake up AND her dad to turn up. And she's blonder than I am . . .

So not sure what to do. All I know is that I really have to get my ass in gear, but instead I'm sitting here in my dressing gown with wet hair, legs which stink of fake tan (they need to catch up with the rest of me!) and an utter PIGSTY for a room, and a half-empty suitcase.

I also wanted to work out mobile blogging so I could share Barcelona but it doesn't seem to like me - it hasn't replied to my message. Boo :( and also I FINALLY got my replacement LG Prada phone today . . . and IT DOESN'T WORK EITHER! So now I'm stuck with my crap old phone, which I suppose is far less likely to get pickpocketed but still . . .

And that's the other thing. I TOTALLY freaked myself out about Barcelona earlier, making the mistake of looking at some site where the visitors detailed their experiences of being robbed/pick-pocketed/having their handbag nicked/etc. It made me extremely paranoid, not sure I'll bother leaving the hotel while we're away. Just kidding, of COURSE I will. But I'll be very wary, that's for sure.

Man, I got distracted mid-way through this post looking up more scams people pull in Barcelona to take advantage of tourists. I'm already planning to look up how to say "Go away" in Spanish for all these people who are going to try and ply me with things like flowers and stickers then try to steal my wallet. Luckily all my practice at being nasty to the professional charity workers and street salesmen in Glasgow should come in handy here . . . :)

FYI, check this out...


  1. my best friend and i went to barcelona in may and i had no problem with anyone trying to steal anything. at least not that i know of. i mean, i still have my wallet, ipod, passport and travel documents. so at least nothing important got stolen! have you ever been before??? i LOVED barcelona, hope you have an amazing time!

  2. Thank you!!! No, I've never been, this is only actually going to be my third time in mainland Spain!

  3. Hahaha "And she's blonder than I am..."

    I'd just say go separately. That way, you know you'll get to the airport without worrying about your friend.

  4. One time I had a really important presentation, I overslept and just made it there 5 minutes before I had to begin. I kept wondering why my underwear was so uncomfortable. That afternoon I worked out that inspite of having concentrated hard on getting it right (because I know myself), I'd put my feet through the wrong holes...

    I went to Barcelona once, it was great! I didn't have any problems, but one friend got her rucksack slashed in the train as we arrived (we were told to wear them round the front, and we did from then on) and another had her big mac stolen out of her hand in front of mcdonalds on the Ramblas. Good times :-) (nothing was stolen from the rucksack btw)

  5. angela - yep, that's the plan now happily . . . since i STILL haven't finished packing!!!

    utterlyconfused - i was thinking you meant a mac computer at first (i know, how stupid am i???) then i realised you meant a hamburger! which was even odder. the person who stole it must have been pretty damn hungry! :)


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