Friday, 11 July 2008


So it's the T in the Park festival this weekend.

When I was in my teens and still at school, this festival was held in Strathclyde Park, which was really close to where I grew up. When Oasis played on (I think!) the second year, I could hear them vaguely out of the bedroom window.

After the third year, they moved the entire festival to some massive field in the middle of nowhere. Go figure.

If T in the Park had remained in its original birthplace, I probably would have ventured there by now. But their new location is NOT do-able; it's not a twenty minute walk home, it's an hour DRIVE home. No thanks. Anyway, I am quite patently NOT a festival chick - and to be honest, I'm kinda proud of that fact. Don't get me wrong, I would have LOVED to have seen R.E.M, Kate Nash and The Ting Tings . . . but in the middle of nowhere? Having to CAMP??? Having to have GREASY HAIR for DAYS? Having to QUEUE TO PEE??? Nope, my idea of a NIGHTMARE. I don't think even the HOTTEST dude could convince me to go through that for him.

Of course, I didn't realise that Kelly Jones would be there this year (which is, to me, a bigger coup that when Keanu Reeves was in Strathclyde Park with his "band" back in the nineties when T in the Park still virtually took place in my hometown). My flatmate's sister is actually AT the festival and she phoned us while "Dakota" was being played - ohmygod, he sounded AMAZNG, although we obviously went straight for the important part, screaming down the phone "Is he looking HOT???" Me and my flatmate have argued over Kelly all night. I've claimed that, because I am in fact the single one, I should be entitled to him should he ever become available. SHE claims that since she has loved Stereophonics for years, SHE should be the one to have him. Fisticuffs were almost had. But I LOVE him too - is that fair??? Would you give up the hottest guy in the UK cos your friend liked him too??? Does it make me a bad person that I WOULDN'T???

Judge for yourself . . ,

Here's the video where my flatmate deems Kelly to be the hottest . . .

and MY personal favourite . . .


  1. Forget about te looks, for me its all about his voice.

    Go checkout the Stereophonics version of " Don't Let Me Down " off the " I Am Sam " soundtrack and then tell me you DONT melt for him right there and then....

  2. Oh yeah, I love his voice too, it just helps it comes in such a pretty package!!! Although apparently he's absolutely tiny in real life. Oh well, I'm only five three and my flatmate is smaller than me so we can't even use his height to decide who is better suited to him. Dammit . . . ;)

  3. Where have I been? Under a rock? How have I not heard of the awesome that is Stereophonics? Thanks for finding my new love. But don't worry, I'm no competition, being that I'm across the ocean and swearing off musicians.

  4. They're welsh, don't know if they've ever really released anything over your side of the atlantic -so think you're excused! And glad to hear I'm not going to have to fight you too for Kelly Jones!!!

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