Wednesday, 30 July 2008


  • DON'T make a list of what you want to take beforehand. What's the point??? Isn't it more exciting if you realise once you've reached your destination that you've forgotten a) hairbrush b) toothpaste c) contact lens cleaner d) knickers or e) all of the above. No???

  • Pack under the influence. Isn't it more fun that way? After all, you're FAR more likely to a) trip over your suitcase twenty times b) pack even MORE haphazardly than normally c) think it's a good idea to take sparklers* d) pass out on your bed BEFORE you actually start the packing or e) all of the above. Go on, put some spark back in your life!

  • Use a massive suitcase. After all, the more space you have, the more likely you are to fill it (it's like some sort of law that the amount you need to take increases in direct proportion to the amount of space in your suitcase). And the lengthy wait in the check-in queue while you gnaw on your nails wondering if you're going to have to pay for excess baggage just heightens the excitement of the journey. Can you beat that rush of adrenalin?

  • Don't consider the weather of your destination when you're picking what outfits to take. Come on, it'll be FUN. Ski-suits and goggles in Cyprus, sundresses in the Alps, cocktail dress on a watersports holiday . . . Variation is the key, dah-ling!

  • Pack your passport in your suitcase. Just another way to heighten the fun at check-in . . .

  • Don't put liquids in your suitcase. Attempt to bring them in your carry-on instead. Same applies to tweezers, nail clippers and scissors. I bet you thought going through security was dull until now . . .

  • If you MUST put liquids in your suitcase, make sure the lid is slightly ajar. After all, you want to give your shampoo etc some breathing room (It's "worth it", after all). Otherwise it's just cruel . . . And, of course, what fun is it if your clothes remain clean and unstained in the suitcase?

  • Don't put a padlock on your suitcase. Doesn't it make it more FUN if there's the possibility you may be attacked by sniffer-hounds, dragged off by security and dumped in a foreign jail after someone attempts to PLANT something on you???

I haven't started packing yet. But I'm going to try my best NOT to follow the above rules. I may end up confusing myself though . . .

I bought a bee-yootiful dress today too - it can be found here. It was five pounds cheaper than advertised in the shop and although I didn't try it on at the time (I was quite literally trapped in my top - seriously. My flatmate had to help me out of it) when I got home I DID and it was just right. I LOVE it. Although it prompted me to send the following text to my friend . . .

I just bought the most beautiful dress in Miss Selfridge for Barcelona. It's quite tight around the boobs though so you're possibly gonna have to help me in and out of it. Sorry chick! x

You wanna see a certain someone rock Guitar Hero??? Go here . . .

Is it just me or does Usher look sooo much hotter when he is wearing a hat??? Otherwise, he just looks a bit odd . . .

*I have NEVER done this.


  1. You just reminded me I'm going to have to pack tonight! ::slaps head::

  2. You had me in stitches! :D I am going on holiday on saturday too, and I was trying to figure out when do i start packing, what do I take.... your post made it so much easier for me! :D

    BTW... in the entertainment area opposite the Olympic village (where all the bars are) - there is a brilliant lobster restaurant (at the top level)... I can't remember the name, but the food was Ace!

    Also you have to visit the big cathedral in the Gothic Area, not the sagrada familia; it's a proper cathederal in use....

    have fun either ways!

  3. Firstly, jealous that other people are going on exotic holidays.
    Secondly, love the list - and you are so right about the bigger the suitcase, the more stuff you think you need.
    Thirdly, the dress? Muy caliente!

  4. ooh luvly luvly luvly dress me dear! Wish I had boobs so HUGE that mates had to help me in and out of clothes *humph*

    Anyhoo.. looooov this entry, omg u nut case! Your list, it's just hillarious! What are you like hmm? :o) <3

  5. Jessica Maria - going through similar emotions myself. so busy BLOGGING about packing I kinda forgot to PACK! I've basically flaunted my own rules and just thrown every dress i would never wear in scotland into a case. why not?

    biscuit in a basket - is that anywhere near las ramblas??? that's near where i'm staying i think and i don't know barcelona AT ALL!!!

    amy - what does "Muy caliente!" mean? I'm hoping it's a good thing . . .

    emmie - they honestly ain't that big, they are pretty small, think there's just way too much padding in my bras!!! :)

  6. For a minute, I thought you were going to tell us that you did ALL of those things...

  7. only ones i'm guilty of? not making a list of what i should bring, and packing under the influence. or trying to. I passed out before i had even got around to the packing . . .

  8. I'm a total list maker, but I've never done it drunk.


  9. ahh, i'm so jealous, your guitar skills are amazing...!

    have a good holiday!

  10. Paula, my sweet, you will use it often in Barcelona....

    " Muy caliente ! " is Spanish for - Very Hot!

  11. Bwahahaha. Hillarious. Although, I bet some people DO pack just like that.

    I love that dress!! It's so pretty and girlie! I'd never be able to wear it though, it's so low cut! You are very brave! But I bet you have boobs to hold it up. Me, not so much=(

  12. First, totally jealous you're going to Barcelona.

    Second, your dress is gorgeous. And 100% sink and machine washable for that price? You got a steal.

    Third, your "how to pack" techniques were HILARIOUS!!! Alcohol tends to clear my head so I will definitely get wasted before I do pack for a vacay again.

  13. I've definitely packed drunk that was an experience. One that included many trips to the corner store for things like deoderant.

    Love the list! And that dress is fabulous

  14. this is so funny -- I've read so many "how to pack" lists...this is very refreshing! and good timimg...I'm packing tonight for a weekend away!

  15. maxie - agreed!!! :)

    tipp - thank you!

    kimberlie - I'm blushing. Which is so NOT the rock goddess thing to do . . .

    amy - ah, i see! ;)

    lyla - i don't have particularly good boobs, just good padding in my bra!

    knikki - glad to hear it was a total bargain, it seemed pretty expensive to me, even with the five quid off it, but now you put it that way . . .

    alice - i packed drunk once, and you'd think i'd have learned my lesson . . .

    sophia - have a good time! where you off to?

  16. I know this is a rather old entry, but just to say that my fiancée did forget to pack her knickers once when we were staying at this hotel for a night. And she's from Barcelona!

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