Friday, 25 July 2008


Why is it that hot weather always seems to coincide with work days? According to the weathermen, the lovely yet sweltering weather we've plodded through since pretty much Monday is due to disappear magically over the weekend. Why, FOR ONCE, can't a heatwave coincide with a weekend??? It sucks so much to go and sit in the park for half an hour at lunchtime, seeing those with no jobs lying about there all day while we have to go back to the office and work to pay our taxes . . . to fund those with no jobs who are lazing about in the sunshine.

Oh well, I'll try not to let it bother me too much. Deep breaths. Okay - rant over, I think. Apart from the dude who had the cheek to tell me to cheer up on the way home. As you know this is one of my pet hates. I nearly flew for him, but instead i just sneered at him and walked on, inwardly fuming.

Time to get ready, I am due out shortly but I HAD to have a shower first, it's just so muggy that a forty five minute walk in jeans makes you instantly want to stand under a rush of cold water. I LOVE hot weather but when you are wearing clothes for the USUAL weather we get here, it can get a TEENSY bit too warm . . .

Enjoy your Fridays! :)


  1. Ok, so I definitely will not tell you to cheer up :D We have been having really nice weather in London (UK) as well this week, and I share the same thoughts as you. Although, I have enjoyed the 45 mins of lunch, and the walk to the station, and the walk home. I just hope the rains hold up for a few more days.

    Enjoy it while you can! (thats what we say up here :D )

  2. I also hate it when people say 'cheer up love, it might never happen'
    how the hell do they know?!


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