Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I was in work fifteen minutes early today (we mistakenly thought there was a storm going on outside - I guess that's what happens when you don't look out of the window and are hearing things) and obviously wasn't going to do WORK until the dot of eight (the very IDEA!!!), so decided to finally stop all those email reminders from amazon marketplace and provide feedback on my most recent purchases. All thirty or so of them . . .

Now I am an EXPERT at buying things on places like ebay and amazon marketplace but the feedback part is my downfall. Not only can I not think of anything to say other than "fast delivery, product as described" (whether it's true or not), I also can't seem to work up the motivation to actually get around to the actual act of LEAVING the feedback. Hence the constant receiving of email reminders and mountain of feedback to leave once I do manage to venture to that area of the sites. I find it sooo monotonous. Sometimes the wicked side of me longs to give negative feedback just for the hell of it and say something like "book was rubbish". Not that you're really meant to give negative feedback anyway - apparently if you have any problems, you're meant to contact the seller first. Oh yeah, that'll be a big help if their only aim is to swindle people out of money!

The other day I was looking for funny links to put in my myspace blog when I came across this - what ebay-world would be like if people told the truth. Pretty funny. The feedback in particular made me laugh. This, combined, with my boring feedback episode earlier, made me wonder what feedback people would give on me, should they buy me on ebay. Okay, perhaps not ME, that's hardly realistic now. How about a Barbie sized doll (preferably WITH her proportions) which mimicked everything about me (bar the proportions, obviously!!!)? I can see the feedback now . . .

- Could not do ANYTHING with her hair, no matter how hard I tried. It was a COMPLETE MESS!

- When we took her out of her box in our living room, she looked around, asked where she was and started crying, saying she was lost. We gave her a map but she cried harder and said she had no sense of direction. What kinda crap doll is THAT???

+ She managed to turn even the most innocent of remarks into something dirty and/or offensive. What an AWESOME buy!!! A ++++

+ Great at tracking people down online, I managed to organise a whole reunion thanks to her finding every one of my school friends.

- A bit paranoid, she kept asking if her hips were big - and cried when I jokingly said "yes".

- A bit vain, she kept looking in the mirror.

+ I loved her arse! Would buy several more just to stare at it over and over again!*

+ Was a great help in the pub quiz - especially when the capital cities of the world circa 1988 came up. Handier than sneakily calling a friend on my mobile!

- Cried at "Beaches", the last episodes of "Friends" and "Sex and the City", any charity adverts involving a) people dying b) dogs being abused c) children being abused . . . in fact, she pretty much cried at everything. Got a bit annoying after a while.

- I liked most things about her but she SNORTS when she's laughing too hard. It was a bit offputting.

- Wouldn't let me watch my favourite film "Goodfellas". She made me watch "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" on repeat instead.

+ Actually, I now think "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" is my new favourite film, so an A+++ from me. Would thoroughly recommend (the film AND the doll . . .)

+Had a very fetching wardrobe of low cut tops. Niiiiiicccceee!!!

Actually, maybe I'm not that bad a purchase after all. Unfortunately, I ain't really for sale . . . ;)

And now for Cheer-Me-Up Tuesday, courtesy of a couple of "Father Ted" clips . . .

*I got a compliment on my arse earlier today so felt like throwing that one in . . . :)


  1. I'm so bad at leaving feedback. I always forget when I'm ordering off of Amazon.

  2. My feedback on ebay is boring too...

    Fit great! Seller shipped right on time!

    Maybe I'm scared that someone will leave negative feedback on mine and my glory days of cheap shoes and designer jeans will go down the toilet.

  3. I almost never leave feedback, and when i do, it's as unoriginal as ever..

  4. hahaha, hillarious, and I cried at Beaches, friends, etc. I cry at hallmark commercials too.


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