Sunday, 13 July 2008


I have been known to have the weird dream on occasion but last night's was particularly odd.

I dreamt that this guy I know - who I don't particularly like - told me he had been secretly in love with me for ages. Now don't get me wrong, the guy in question isn't bad looking, and he's not like a horrible person or anything. He just rubs me up the wrong way, and is soooo not my type. It seems weird that all of the people I would dream about, it would be him. The whole revelation surprised me - even IN the dream, where the most silly of things can sometimes make sense at the time. And he was like seriously upset after he told me cos I didn't really know how to react as it was so unexpected - as in there was actually the odd TEAR involved!

But for some reason, rather than thinking he was being a total crybaby moron, I actually found this quite attractive - think it was the whole tortured hero complex. And eventually this culminated in me shagging him on the floor of the utility room in my parent's house!!! (I have absolutely no idea what I was doing there!)

So I woke up and it was about eight am this morning and all I could think was "What the fuck was THAT all about???" I kinda lay musing over it for a while, established I didn't have some sort of secret crush on this guy and that dreams don't have a literal meaning (ie. I may have also dreamed sometime last week that me and my ex were having sex - and that ain't gonna happen!) and fell back asleep . . .

Where I promptly entered part two of the same dream - the morning after! And he was still interested . . . and so was I. And the only person who knew about it was my sister.

I've only ever had a two part dream before and it was about me being with the Three Wise Men and travelling to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus . . . and I was about eight at the time! The memories of the dreams that took place in the early hours of this morning are still pretty vivid and are majorly freaking me out. I KNOW I don't fancy this guy, but I am going to be really embarrassed next time I see him - I'm going to feel like we actually DID have sex.

It seemed so much EASIER in dreamland . . .


  1. Haha dontcha just hate it when the dreams you'd love to remember fade quickly but those that make you cringe just stick with you? Dream-life-logic is unfair.

  2. Ooh... i love analysing dreams! So what is it about this guy that rubs you up the wrong way ? Maybe the dream has something to do with those attributes being present in you in your life right now....

  3. I had a dream that I had great sex with Eminem once in high school. I remember it vividly everytime I see him on tv.

  4. LCT - Too true!

    Amy - What is it about him that rubs me up the wrong way? He's an okay guy basically but he's cheeky and kinda arrogant!

    And . . .jk . . EMINEM? SERIOUSLY?? (Don't you think he looks like he would be kinda selfish in bed???)

  5. I used to always try to have two part dreams whenever I woke up in the middle of a particularly good one. It seems like they are only two parters for the dull ones!

  6. Lately I've been having scary dreams where I'm pregnant. Full blown, waddling pregnant. Most recently it was Brad Pitts baby and Angelina Jolie who was actually living in my best friends body was very mad at me. Let's hope your sex dreams don't lead to pregnant dreams!

  7. First of all - Lyla I have those dreams tooooo!! Scary.

    And Paula, I have a dream dictionary at home - 2 of them actually. I'm so looking up your dream in there tonight and analyzing it for you. I'll post it here as a comment and you can tell me how accurate you think it is...sometimes it's creepy how much it reflects your life.

  8. PP - I wouldn't have minded if the second part of this dream had been more sex because the sex part was kinda good!!! :)

    Lyla Lou - yes, I really hope not too!!! Eek. At least that's the good thing about dream sex - you can't get real pregnant!!!

    Alice - Ooooh yes, if you could analyse my dream that would be really cool! Cheers!!!

  9. WARNING: Longest Comment Ever.

    To dream of a relationship with someone whom you would not anticipate indicates your need to have a greater understanding of men. You need to pay attention to the nurturing side of masculinity and are still searching for the ideal lover.

    To dream of someone else crying means you have to take a look at your own conduct, to see if you are behaving appropriately (maybe this guy knows you don't particularly like him, and you are giving off that vibe strongly?)

    In dreams (as in life, I guess) sex is either the highest expression of love between two people or purely selfish. If you ignore your own sexual nature and fail to appreciate it, the negative aspects will make themselves apparent in a dream. This is a natural attempt to balance the waking state which may be over-intellectualized or over-dramatized. Contact with others then becomes necessary, and often manifests itself in dreams.

    As for the location of your little tryst; the utility shed represents the storage area for your own personal abilities. It's often where you dream of others of like mind who are creative in the same way you are. (Does this guy write?) Everyone has "tools" that they use at certain times in their lives. This is a symbolic reminder that you have these in storage, to be used at any time.

    A house nearly always refers to your soul, and represents security and safety.

    Hopefully you can make some sense of this - it's not anything to do with the guy himself, just what he represents ;>

  10. Ooooh, I'll have to give this sme thought!!! Thanks for the analysis, it's given me loads to think about!


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