Monday, 7 July 2008


A taster of what is to come . . .

So my plan for a nineties themed bar/nightclub came about when me and my friend V were in the EIGHTIES themed bar Reflex back in March or April. Back then, the idea wasn't even a glimmer in my eye. I had said to my sister, I think, a while before, that if I ever won a massive amount on the lottery one thing I would want to do was own a bar. Really just because I wanted somewhere to hang out on a regular basis, but whatever! When I mentioned it to my old flatmate M she instantly asked if she could manage it. Of course she could, because this was the little world inside my head, where no interviews etc take place, I just hand out jobs like candy. And to be honest, I think M would make a GREAT bar manager.

Anyway, at that point my idea had no theme. Until the night of Reflex - when "Ice Ice Baby" came on. Instantly, me and V were in a bit of a quandary. Wasn't that a NINETIES tune??? All the same we danced along and mouthed the words along with everyone else. The following day, me and V had a heated debate about Vanilla Ice's inclusion in an eighties themed bar (yes, we really have nothing better to do with our time), surfing the net to try and see who could win the argument. Turns out although the song wasn't released until the nineties, it was ON an album which came out in '89. So really we were BOTH right.

But that got me thinking. Wouldn't it be cool to own a bar which played nineties music? I mean, think of the scope. There's Brit-pop, boybands, girlbands, boy/girl bands (I mean like S Club 7, not trannies - although I'm sure there probably was those too), cheese, hip-hop - EVERYTHING!!! One minute we could be playing "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, the next "Roll With It' by Oasis. The music could go in a heartbeat from "Spice Up Your Life" to "Smells Like Teen Spirit". It would be even more random than a night out at The Garage or your local student union. BUT IT WOULD ALL BE FROM THE NINETIES!!!

So in my spare time I like to occasionally indulge my nineties theme bar fantasy. I haven't gone as far as to imagine what it would LOOK like (with me at the design helm, it would probably end up looking like some kind of pimp's tea party . . . on acid!), but I imagine other things about it. Like the drinks - there would be special cocktails named after classic songs. "C'est La Vie", "Doctor Jones", "Sleeping Satellite", "Wonderwall" and so on . . . I'm not sure what would go in them (I'm not exactly a dab hand at making cocktails either, unless you call blending Baileys and ice expertise!) but they would all taste fabulous, of course, and get everyone good and drunk.

And then the other activities you could do other than drink and dance . . . there would be pool tables and - wait for it! - table tennis!!! (How much have I always wanted to go to a pub and play table tennis??? It's like one of my dreams come true). "Retro" computer games to play like Supermario and Sonic the Hedgehog. I also quite fancied a trampoline and some swingball sets but not sure if they wouldn't be a little lethal when drink was involved. Someone could seriously get hurt I suppose and that wouldn't exactly help business . . .

My bar would be the most amazing bar in the world. People would be flocking there IN THEIR DROVES. And once I had my Glasgow one up and running, I would turn my attention elsewhere. First to perhaps the Canary Islands and Spanish mainland, where drunken Scots would see my bar as their home from home. Then to other British cities. Then eventually I would take over the world . . .

Yes, my wildest dreams are fairly elaborate. I'm a lot more ambitious in my imagination than in real life, I guess.

So what do you think? Would you want to come hang out at my nineties theme bar??

And the most important question of all . . .



  1. Ah that sounds amazing!! I'd definitely hang out there!

    I vote for Sunscreen as that was such a great 90s (albeit very late 90s!) hit... :)

  2. Can I be the bartender?

    I've got an old hypercolor t-shirt I could wear...

  3. That sounds like the awesome-est bar ever! I had a suprise party for a friend of mine once back in
    '99 ( so long ago... ), just at my house, and we set up mattresses and cushions all over the garage floor so people could lounge around and... a table tennis table! People have never had so much fun!

  4. OH YESSSSS....I would so be there! You might have to set up a cot in the back for me. And you would have to add the U.S. for a location. More specifically across the street from my apartment. Super Mario and Mortal Kombat plus beer equals the best hot spot in the world.

  5. I'm soo there! I'm also opening a bar but if I told you the details I'd probably have to kill you. Or something.
    Anywho, you should call it: Wangsta (like what we used to call fake gangstas in the 90s)
    Anything to do with: Beanie babies, TMNT, Furby, those bracelets that you slap on your wrist, POGS, ummm... Baby Cha-Cha!

  6. So I could call it, for example, Donatello's??? Or SHREDDER'S??? :)

  7. um I would totally come to your bar. You could call it... mmmbop? oh gosh I have no ideas.

  8. I actually quite like Mmmmbop as the name of a bar!

  9. got to think of what symbolised the 90s for you and for the generation. Not sure myself but i think Mr Blobby has a lot to answer for. lol

    nah, with how history is, sooner or later 90's bars and clubs will start opening playing all those dance classics. *sings* "what is love, baby don't hurt me, dont hurt me , no more".

  10. Great idea for a bar, I'd definately hang out there.

    As far as bar names? Stone Temple.
    The Oasis. Whatever.

  11. The Oasis - good one!!! :)

  12. hell yeah I would totally hang out in that bar! i miss the cheesy 90s songs!

  13. How about :

    Ice baby?

  14. Heck yes I would go to that bar!


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