Tuesday, 1 July 2008


First of all, thanks to Heidi for guest-posting on my blog yesterday. My post at hers got a little delayed (lost in cyberspace, you could say) so PLEASE check it out now if you can! I'd be very grateful. Pretty please??? :) And now onto the subject of the day . . .

When music is playing, sometimes I feel like nothing can hurt me.

Armed with my mp3 player*, a long walk to work on my own seems much less boring. Not only does the music put a spring in my step, make me step it up a gear, but it makes me want to break out into a dance in the middle of the pavement, wishing there were four or five others behind me so we could spontaneously perform an obviously choreographed routine like something out of "Fame". Without the singing part, obviously. I can't sing. (Not sure I can DANCE either, but there you go!)

Sometimes I also make up music videos in my head as I walk. For example, I made one for "Piece of Me" by Britney. I was quite disappointed they didn't somehow psychically syphon my ideas out from my head via the earphones on my sony walkman and use MY video concept - it was far better than the one they DID use.

When I'm angry I'll blast Kelly Clarkson in my ears and indulge the rage, taking pleasure in my fury as I stalk along the street. When I'm feeling blue, I'll cheer myself up with some type of "I am woman, hear me roar!" tune - Destiny's Child is usually good for that. When I'm half asleep, I can invigorate myself with something upbeat, or something that makes me want to shake my ass. (This morning, the tune which did that was "Pump It" by the Black Eyed Peas). I tend to save the songs that make me want to cry and wail for my alone-time, when I can truly revel in my depression (although I don't like to do that often these days) - after all, no one wants to see someone walking down the street with tears running down their face.

The other advantage of listening to music is that when you walk past workmen, you can block out their lewd comments. It's all very "La la la la, I can't hear you!" but also very satisfying. The other time this comes in useful is when those people who want you to pay ridiculous money for something not worth ot, or try to get you to sign up for montly donations try to lure you in with their false promises - I just point at my ear phones, mouth "What?", shake my head and walk on. Usually gets the point across.

So music is a healer and a help.

Of course, if I have headphones in I'm probably more liable to miss the double decker bus heading for me.

I guess it can be dangerous too . . .

UPDATE: Oops sorry, I almost forgot about Cheer-Me-Up Tuesday! This is courtesy of "Balls of Steel". A little infantile, but I like it . . .

*I don't own an ipod, which is why I say mp3 player. I have a Sony Walkman (you may already know this if you didn't skip to the footnote) It is NOT an actual walkman. It is an MP3 player.


  1. I also create whole stage routines to songs while I'm listening to them!

  2. What's also cool is when you're listening to music whilst walking it's like you're part of a movie and you're listening to the soundtrack. I like :) And I don't have an iPod either.

  3. I love my music player, and I hate when people try to talk to me when I obviously have headphones on!!

  4. i totally make up music videos in my head, too!!

  5. I love that you explained that a Sony Walkman is not actually a Walkman. I never would have known. haha :)

  6. j.k - oh yeah i do that one too - sometimes i try to recreate them when i get home in front of the mirror - oops, did i type that out loud . . . (slinks away shamefacedly)

    l.c.t - yeah sometimes i pretend my life is a film (the most boring film ever) and its the soundtrack to it

    lyla lou - seriously, why do so many people do that??? they do the same thing when you're walking and on your phone too!

    jessica maria - fun, isn't it? :) as well as my "piece of me" one I had invented a great one in my head for "stan" by eminem which SOOOOO was better than the actual video. i think i missed my calling . . .

    ashley d - honestly, you wouldn't believe how many people think i actually mean a walkman as in personal stereo when i mention it! i think they think i'm some sort of dinosaur . . .

  7. everyone has got a swap buddy but meeeeeee :(

    sniff sniff sniff...

    ok I didn;t know of the blogwap thing but hey!


  8. I don't know what I did pre-iPod. I actually convince myself I can't exercise without it.

  9. your blog just had me nodding my head. I do all the same stuff. although i don't go so far as imagining fame, but maybe Thriller my MJ. Music also defines your mood, i agree.

    I couldn't live without my MP3 player. I have a crap one atm, its broke down for the last time. I'm settling for using my phone as a walkman. It seems to be doing the trick.

    Good blog. Cheers

  10. yeah I do the exact same thing. love it.
    oh and to add to your angry women song collection
    He wasnt by avril lavigne for some reason always gets me really in hi gear when I need to get over someone and feel good about it.

  11. iPod = my best walking buddy

    By the way, we also have the same taste in music. We're friends now. Officially.


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