Saturday, 7 June 2008


Won't be about for the next couple of days as I'm off to London tomorrow for a couple of days with work. Will be good to get away again. Although I still need to pack - boo! I hate packing! And after the last couple of packing debacles, I'm especially not looking forward to packing this time!

The Glasgow chapter of the hen night went pretty good last night - we had a great time, although the seemingly "regular" crowd in Tiger Tiger appears to have gone rapidly downhill since the last time I went there. Spent today shopping in the capital with my sis, which was good fun . . . although my beloved LG Prada phone conked out on the train on the way there and could not be resuscitated. I'm gutted about that, and now will have to sort out something with my network since I still have seven months left on that particular contract. I now have my sim card in my old phone and finding it really hard to text etc when I'm used to using a touch screen now . . .

Speaking of death, my friend text me while I was out last night to tell me that Vodka the goldfish has now passed. Poor Vodka. Apparently Orange has taken the death pretty hard and is devastated. I honestly never thought I would feel sorry for goldfish but i really do!!!

Sorry I don't have anything particularly interesting to say tonight, but I'm pretty whacked having only had about five hours sleep and spending the day walking around in ridiculously warm weather. I shouldn't complain, I love a sunny day, but I'm not equipped to deal with shopping during a heatwave. My body just can't handle it!

Bon voyage to me, and enjoy the next few days!!!


  1. Poor Vodka. Hope his death was in no way related to your drunken encounter. Orange might need a new buddy. ...Tequila goes well with Orange, no?

  2. I agree with Miss Em. Getting Orange a new buddy seems to be a good idea. Get a yellowy one and call it tequila and a red one called Grenadine.

  3. Can't wait to hear about your trip. Take care!


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