Tuesday, 3 June 2008


No, I'm not talking about the Alanis Morrissette song. Which, like so many would agree, is a song about unluckiness, not irony. Which is ironic in itself, I suppose.

I'm actually talking about these . . .

Is this kind of sign not in fact a danger in itself?? I saw one in work the other day, one of those cone type ones, AND IT WAS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR. Surely there must be a better way to warn someone to be careful and mind their footing, than to stick a big fuck-off obstacle in the place most likely to cause injury? Who actually thinks doing that is a GOOD idea? Seriously, I have no idea!

One day, I will fall headfirst over one of these things. No question about it. I'm not a particularly clumsy person (although those who have saw me fall over or walk into things might disagree) but considering the amount of times I come across this particular ilk of warning sign, the odds are stacked against me . . .

PS. I love this little saying/joke I found today:

Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

It's fab! :)


  1. I'm gonna tape that little saying to my computer!

  2. hahaha you have no idea how much that quote made me laugh. hehehe i love it

  3. I love that saying... :)


  4. Love the observations about the sign and the quote is so right on!


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