Thursday, 19 June 2008


. . . the whole health kick notion goes out the window, flying alongside the pigs that accompanied my promise to myself that "this time I'll stick to it".

ORIGINAL PLAN: "I'll only stay out for a few hours, have one SMALL glass of wine, and eat SOMETHING HEALTHY when I get home."
WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Rolled in at eleven pm, having drowned myself with FOUR LARGE GLASSES OF WINE, and plates of both fries AND garlic toast (which was essentially garlic bread, but I ain't gonna quibble).

Then the morning after . . .

ORIGINAL PLAN: "I'll put some natural yogurt in a tub, take it in for breakfast."
WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Managed to leave yogurt on the counter in kitchen back at flat, so had the logical alternative instead - a bar of chocolate . . . (wasn't that the obvious choice???)

ORIGINAL PLAN: "I'll take a tin of tomato soup for lunch. That's healthy."
WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Succumbed to peer pressure and natural hungover desire for greasy stodge and got a massive baked potato loaded in butter and CHEESE (mmmm) from the sandwich shop.

BUT what I CAN feel proud about is . . .

I have drunk a ridiculous amount of water and green tea in the past two days (as well as the wine, obviously). Seriously, I hardly EVER drink water OR green tea, so this is a big deal for me. Now if only I can make myself LIKE these things. Let's face it, as far as I'm concerned, green tea is no subsitute for Diet Pepsi, or Diet Irn Bru. And water DEFINITELY ain't no replacement for a good Pinot Grigio . . .

Hell, Jesus turned water into wine for a reason!!!


  1. That post is brilliant on so many levels. Not least because it sounds so EXACTLY like what I would do and also because it justifies wine quite brilliantly :)

  2. You can't really replace Irn Bru with anything....especially not green tea and especially not if you're hungover.

    It's just not possible.

  3. that sounds exactly like what I've been doing. hahaha

  4. This may be a silly question but what is Irn Bru?

    Also I am exactly the same way...pack a healthy lunch, either forget it or decide that it's a better idea to go grab something else!

    Ha ha love it ;>

  5. LCT - I can ALWAYS justify wine, but I feel like my Jesus justification is perhaps the pinacle of my wine justification success. Perhaps I should HAVE some wine as a reward . . .?

    Ostrebunny - too true!!! :)

    Deutlich - I'll try my best to be good if you do too - deal???

    Ask Alice - It's the Scottish national drink (apart from whisky obviously!!!)

  6. 6 cups of green tea per day increases your metabolism by 12 per cent.

    Try the green tea with mint in it. Much nicer than straight stuff which is just nasty and no amount of drinking it gets you used to it.

    S X

  7. I swear we must be related somehow.

  8. try jasmine green tea, taste much better. man this post cracked me up

  9. Peer pressure is the worst when you are trying to eat healthy... no one ever wants to be the one with the salad when there are delicious potato dishes around.

  10. "Hell, Jesus turned water into wine for a reason!!!"

    That is probably the best line I've read all week!! This post sounded like a diary of my weekend, only replace baked potato with pulled pork sandwhich, hot dog AND burger, and there is my sunday. And I don't usually eat meat. I blame the beer.


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