Sunday, 11 May 2008


I was at a wedding last night, which was a great night of drunken fun, but also reminded me I'm very much single. Not that I want to get married anytime soon, don't get me wrong. In fact, sometimes I not sure I will ever want to get married, it's such a commitment and therefore freaks me out more than a little when I ever think about it. But at times like this, I guess it's a clear reminder of what I don't have.

Anyway, the wedding was great. It was almost a celebrity wedding, as the bride and groom were in the Scottish Sun on Friday due to the groom leaving his honeymoon to go to see Rangers in the UEFA cup final in Manchester . . . and the bride financing the adventure. Now that's true love for you! I'm not sure I would be so understanding - perhaps because I'm not a massive football fan and can't really understand other people's fascination with the sport.

Me and my work colleague started getting our drink on while on the train down to the wedding, which was in Ayrshire. It was like being a teenager again, smuggling drink somewhere we weren't meant to have it. Irn Bru Wkd in . . . Irn Bru plastic bottles (that was the best disguise), and white wine in little bottles of some weird kind of Lucozade. It didn't exactly make us drunk (there wasn't enough for that) but I'd say we were mildly merry.

Despite having cancelled our room reservation for the Travelodge afterwards, we ended up sharing a room with a couple of guys from work, which involved a bit of a game of non-musical beds during the night, as we all switched about trying to get comfortable. I didn't realise how drunk I had been until I woke up feeling like utter shite this morning. I think one of the blokes summed up how we were all feeling pretty succinctly when he said "I feel like a pig has shat on my face."

I had two breakfasts cos I couldn't decide whether I wanted something sweet or savoury - one of those heart-attack-on-a-plate styl-ee breakfasts loaded with eggs, beans, fried bread, hash browns and the works (I never realised how bloody fantastic baked beans are when you are nursing a hangover) and the pancake-and-syrup breakfast. I felt slightly better afterwards, but it was only once I got home and got a proper sleep for a few hours that I actually started to feel more myself again.

Now I have to start packing for Spain. Annoyingly, the weather looks like it is going to be completely shite. Which is just typical. Rain, thunderstorms, clouds, not even particularly warm by Spain standards. I'm very depressed by this news!!!

But at least I'm escaping for a while. They say a change is as good as a rest - I just hope the weather forecasters have it as wrong as they usually do!!!

PS. Hopefully Chele is going to guest-blog in my absence. I'm not sure yet whether it will be one post or whether she will do a few, but she'll keep things ticking over, I'm sure! :)


  1. Nice post and enjoy your Spain trip.

  2. Lol, I remember sneaking drinks on the bus when younger...great post. I hope you have a blast in Spain :)

  3. I wish I was going on holiday soon.

  4. Oh my god, I've just read some more of your blog and you are in my homeland!!!!!

    Now I can live vicariously through you.
    I miss Scotland.

    (not enough to come back though)

    But I still miss it.

    I am adding you to my blogroll coz I am a lazy bugger and want to read you every day so need easy access. But also because your blog rocks.



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