Thursday, 29 May 2008


I think it's possibly somehow related to my contact lenses but everytime it's windy and sunny at the same time, my eyes suddenly develop a major streaming problem. Which is all well and good, and might be bearable normally, but not when you are a fan of dark eye make up like me and the tears catch it on their way out. I always end up with it smudging (far more than it's intended to) under my eyes, and sometimes around my eyes.

Today, for some reason, was worse than usual. I could feel my eyes tearing up constantly from the moment I walked out of my flat door. There was water streaming down my cheeks, and every time I tried to wipe it away (after all, what if someone thought I was CRYING???) more and more black came off on my finger. I was starting to get a little paranoid that I looked like The Scream or something, and I was itching to pull my mirror out of my bag and check my face, but I thought that would look a little obvious on the street, especially if it turned out that my face was a total wreck. Therefore I spent most of the walk to work with my head down, wiping my eyes constantly and trying not to walk into anything.

Finally, I got to a quiet spot where I could sneakily check my face in the mirror. Dreading what I might find, I pulled it out of my bag, and warily eyed my reflection. Amazingly, my eye make up had somehow stayed put. It looked exactly like it had when I left the house. I couldn't believe it.

I did have a tiny insect smack bang in the middle of my forehead though. (WTF?)

I think it was dead. Or it was by the time I finished with it...


  1. My eyes water like crazy in a cold wind, which ruined all the pictures of me sightseeing on the local castle.

    And I wouldn't worry about pulling out your mirror in public; better than having make up all down your face!

  2. Oh I'm the total opposite! Usually I'm oblivious to the lunch crumbs on my lip/spinach in my teeth/smudged makeup/skirt tucked into the knickers (yes, not just once, but TWICE)

  3. hon it is spring..might it be allergies??

    In europe spring was my enemy...thats when my eyes teared up from allergies and dried up all the time.

  4. In light of the SATC movie, I think any streaming of eye make-up is perfectly acceptable. It's all about Carrie-Bradshaw-Individuality you know, darling!

  5. I couldn't tell you how many time I have been in this exact situation except usually I'm driving. All the tears and eye wiping make that extremely dangerous.

  6. My eyes will water with allergies since I don't wear contacts. Although it is usually only one eye at a time that will stream tears down my face, making me look extra crazy.

  7. My eyes only water when it's really windy. Or I'm tired. Or I eat a really hot chilli/curry. Or it's too bright.

    Clearly my emotional self is trying to assert itself in every possible situation....

  8. I hated that when I was back home. I wear contacts and often they would just slidddeeeeee out of my eyes with the tears.
    Then not only could I not see with the tears, I actually couldn't see coz I am blind as a bad without my contacts.

    S X


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