Friday, 23 May 2008


I was exhausted, stressed, shaking with adrenalin, sore eyes and terrified . . . by the time me and my mate left Gala Bingo in Maryhill!

Yes, last night I lost my bingo virginity. And it was one of the more stressful nights in my life.

How the HECK do old people do it? I could not keep up at all, I was about five numbers behind the bingo caller at any one time, and I was so busy trying to catch up, I could have got a full house and not even NOTICED! I was also torn between wanting to win and being SCARED to win in case I had to shout out. "What am I meant to shout?" I kept asking my friend Michelle. Fair enough if I get a full house, I could shout "House". But if I get two lines, am I meant to shout out "two lines!"??? Michelle said I could shout anything, that "Oy!" would do! And to be perfectly honest, that kinda sounded like what the winners were shouting. But I was terrified that I might THINK i had won and then it would turn out I was wrong.

Luckily (or unluckily, rather) that problem never arose. I never even came CLOSE to winning.

The OAPs cleaned up.

I guess they have a lot more time to practice than me . . .


  1. Went once with a girlfriend and her nan, nan had 10 cards on the go compared to my 3 and still marked all hers before I'd done 2, it was like she was possessed

  2. The gran I never knew apparently was so good at it that she regularly budgeted her next week's shopping based on what she estimated she would win at the bingo...

    OAPs rock. (Yet another reason not to knock the "older woman" syndrome that you and Chele have been banging on about... :-p )

  3. old people get so fanatic about bingo... its like poker at least at the u.s. casinos for middle aged people)... they all look so intimidating and so into the game...

  4. Yes Ant, Paula and me can´t wait to form our own Bingo society team. Heheh imagine us with matching caps and I just realized I know nothing about Bingo or if they even have teams.
    See ya in say 40 years hon at the bingo hall?

  5. Haha, apparently they are a little sharper than we may perceive!!

  6. I can totally relate... it takes so much practice to keep up, doesn't it?!

  7. Hilarious. I had a similar experience once. Ended up throwing my bingo pen down and drinking in frustration... Should start practicing now for retirement!


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