Monday, 28 April 2008


I've lived in my flat for nearly five years now so, obviously, I have a local shop which I must visit on average four or five days a week. Mostly for magazines or wine...

For some unknown reason, they don't like me there. I don't know why. I always try to be friendly, but they are never particularly friendly back. Although I've seen them be nice to other people, even people I go into the shop WITH. My flatmates, my friends, my sister, the guy who I used to work with who lived around the corner, my ex . . . basically everyone but me! Yet I still can't help but be nice.

Anyway, I've been in there for alcohol repeatedly in this period of time, particularly in the last year or so, where my alcohol intake has gone up fivefold at least. Fairly often, since it is just down the road from me, I go down there makeupless, hungover or not exactly dressed in my best! I never take ID with me, and have never been asked for it. In fact, it's the one place I have NEVER been asked for ID. . .

So today I went in after work, picked up a magazine, a pizza and a bottle of rose and one of the usual women (who must have served me at least 100+ times) served me. Right after she went to ask for the money, she asked me out of the blue: "What age are you?" Slightly taken aback by the abruptness of the question, I laughed and replied "28". At which point, she started laughing too, says "don't tell too many people" and took my money. I wondered if it had all been a joke, but I knew it couldn't be . . . why start joking now? She genuinely seemed to think I was underage and, weirdly, due to her embarrassment . . . she was actually being NICE to me!!! I couldn't believe it. When I was leaving she said something to her co-worker in a different language while laughing, and I thought "she DEFINITELY thought I was underage!"

But why wait five years for this to strike her? Did she realise if I was GENUINELY underage then she was serving me alcohol when I was twelve/thirteen???

One thing's for sure, I will need to make sure I have ID on me when I go to the shop for booze in the future . . . because from the sounds of it, I'm actually getting younger, rather than older . . .


  1. Great blog, i've seen it listed on some of my favorite ones but only just got here my self. re the bad treatment in the shop i quote "I've been in there for alcohol repeatedly"
    "makeupless, hungover or not exactly dressed in my best!""serving me alcohol when I was twelve/thirteen"
    Still anyone who thinks i look 10 years younger than i am can treat me any way they want to.

  2. Just added you to my Highly recomended sites. Hope thats ok.

  3. Wow. Well, that explains whhy she's working in a bar. STUPID!

  4. Thats kinda odd. Maybe they have been kinda snobby because they thought you were younger and they were looking down on you as an underage young drinkger? Hmm, I dunno its all a bit strange.

    I hate getting asked for id. Especially when it is somewhere you go all the time.

  5. Hey I'm back! I linked back to your new blog on my blog. I gave it a new name thou, hope thats ok?

    we'll thats weird. Maybe they are just starting to get use to you & decided to be nice? hahaha But you really don't looked 28 so she was right, don't tell too many people.

  6. Ha! Still, it is better for folks to think you are younger than older...

  7. I've nominated you for a meme on 365 to 42
    Hope you'll complete it

  8. You looked young- this is a good thing!

  9. That is too funny. Like it just struck her at that moment that you may be that young...


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