Tuesday, 22 April 2008


This has to be my favourite song of the moment. But it's been bugging me, cos what the heck is it all about? If you watch the video Madonna and Justin don't really seem to be doing much world-saving-heroics - unless you call some good dance moves, Madonna's unbelievably bendy-for-her-age limbs, jumping about on top of cars and taking a time out to do some competitive conveyor belt surfing heroic. I suppose some might.

So I spent a while trying to work out if there actually WAS a point to the song, and looking up various sites on the internet to see if I could get some explanation on the song or the video. None really was forthcoming. All the sites tended to focus on the fact that Madonna's incessant crost-thrusting is getting kinda old (agreed - although if I have a body like that when I'm her age I'll probably be sticking my leotard on and thrusting my crotch in JT's face too) or that the song is just another moneymaking cash cow which doesn't mean much other than money in the record company's pocket (also true - although when the moneymaking cash cow sounds THAT good, I ain't complaining).

So I've developed my own theory. Which is . . . that they have decided that they need to procreate in order to save the world, by bringing a new life into it. After all, with all the crotch thrusting and dirty dancing (I mean, I know Justin liked older women for a while but there's still a fairly significant age gap between Cameron Diaz and old Madge), the bedroom is clearly where they're headed.

At least if Madonna has her way . . . :)

ps. if anyone has any other insights feel free to share.


  1. Perhaps whilst they have four minutes to save the world, they don't ACTUALLY want to.

    Their lives of having lots of money and people admiring them has grown weary and they just don't think they want to go on.

    Instead of saving the world, they're just procrastinating by dancing and thrusting till the inevitable world doom occurs.

    We should've trusted the world's fate to someone like Ant and Dec. They'd want to carry on living.


  2. Yes, but then perhaps if Ant and Dec could dance then they wouldn't feel like saving the world either . . . :)

  3. Hmmm. There seems to be a direct corralation between ability to dance and irresponsibility when it comes to saving the world.

    Suddenly I'm glad Superman could never dance.


  4. Eww - visual of Maddona and JT. Ewww!!

  5. I am still very iffy about this song, you are right I have no idea what the song is about. Reminds me of those old 80 songs were they just put in lyrics that went to the beat even though it made no sense.
    I like the beat but the song still needs to grow on me.

  6. Maybe they're having a dance off to lower cholesterol and save the world. Hence the treadmills. Or save the world by dancing on cars so people can't drive them and pollute. Or by crotch thrusting, they're....

  7. I really do like this song. When I heard the beat on the radio it reminded me of drum-lines on big college campuses.

    A few things:

    1.) This is the hottest I've ever seen Madonna.

    2.) JT, obvious.

    3.)They did have the scene in the beginning where she put her hand in a bathtub. Maybe she was telling us to save water. Like the old saying, "Save water, shower in two's."

    4.) I agree with the procreation thing. If there was a point to the video, that would be it.

    <3 Knikki

  8. Perhaps the four minutes is referring to the song, and they are trying to save the world through song. :o) At least that's the only thing I could come up with because four minutes seems pretty arbitrary.

    (I just found your blog through 20sb. :o) )

  9. Hi there, nice blog you have!

    I have been wondering about the very same thing but still don't have a clue! lol



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