Friday, 14 March 2008


. . . The friend who goes out of her way to come over and see you, even though she doesn't finish work until 8pm.

. . .Who brings wine, even though she doesn't particularly want to drink it herself due to a Christmas drunken incident.

. . .Who brings sweeties and chocolate for you to enjoy.

. . .Who listens while you cry about all the crap you have been going through lately.

. . . Who makes you realise you are lucky because while you might not have a bloke in your life, you still have a great friend, and that you still have others willing to do the same.

Friends, i love you all. You rock!!!


  1. Yay!! I'm glad you have those wonderful people around at the moment.

    Is blogger stopping you from updating your blogroll too?

  2. dionne warwick and Elton could not have said it better than
    ¨thats what friends are for...¨
    Cheesy song I know, but it popped in my head.

  3. PP - I haven't actually tried to update it yet, just too lazy! I'll hopefully get around to it at some point over the weekend - if it works that is. :(

    Chele - Yep, that was indeed cheesy as fuck. or perhaps as cheesy as a Wotsit...

  4. Sometimes friends are all you can wish for, those are the ones that will be there in the end. :)


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