Monday, 10 September 2018


I don't like Autumn.

It feels like I'm in the minority with this, but it's true. Here's why

1) I like warm weather. Now, I know this seems ridiculous considering I live in Scotland, which isn't exactly known for its temperate climate, but I like the promise of Spring and the odd hot Summers day we occasionally get as a wee consolation prize for living so far north. Once Autumn hits, even the chance of warm weather disappears. (Although it does occasionally like to confuse us by having a seventeen degrees day in the middle of November)

2) I dislike dark nights closing in earlier and earlier. Some find it cosy, I find it imposing and oppressive. I hate going to work in the dark and leaving work in the dark. Don't get me wrong, it's a good excuse to curl up on the sofa with a mulled wine and a Modern Family boxset but I would do that anyway, whatever the weather. I don't need an excuse.

3) Loads of people love talking about how much they love autumn fashion and getting all wrapped up in layers . . . I am patently not one of those people. I don't really like having to wrap up warm to go outside. Even though our weather still isn't great in summer, it's usually mild enough that you can get away with a flimsy blazer and ballet pumps with bare feet. I dislike having to layer, and I hate putting on loads of clothes to keep warm only to end up too warm after I've exerted myself by walking from the car park to the office.

4) Wet leaves underfoot makes me feel a bit queasy. I don't mind when they're dry and crispy but when they're all mushy . . . it's quite disgusting. Especially as I'm probably still wearing ballet pumps with bare feet because denial.

5) On the rare occasion when the sun DOES come out, it's absolutely blinding. I don't really want to be blinded by the sun when it's only five degrees outside and my teeth are chattering.

6) Autumn also usually coincides with Christmas paraphernalia appearing in the shops, usually in the place where the holiday stuff was previously. In my opinion, Christmas should not start until December. The onset of autumn just reminds me how vastly unprepared I am for the 25th December, and that is not something I want to be reminded of this far in advance of the festivities.

7) And last but not least . . . next spring and summer seem soooo far away. Autumn is really just the gateway to winter and winter takes even longer to turn to spring. 

Nah, you can keep your autumn. I might just move abroad somewhere sunny instead . . .

Are you a fan of autumn or, like me, do you hate it?


  1. I am a fan of Autumn, I admit, but some of your points I also agree with, particularly the Christmas stuff. I'm with you - December is for Christmas - no sooner x

  2. I LOVE autumn. Cosy sweaters and hot coffee and frost in the air and Halloween and horror movies...and it's so pretty with the leaves and everything. I love summer too. Summer and autumn should be all year then I'd be happy. You can keep the other two seasons.


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