Sunday, 26 November 2017


Last Sunday, myself and the lovely fella embarked on a wee mini roadtrip of some parts of the West of Scotland. The main reason for this was we had a couple of hotel voucher deals to use up - but once we had those deals booked up, we decided to make it into more of a hotel and book a couple more hotels around it. Because, as you probably know about me, I really enjoy staying in hotels!

As I got a LOT of pictures (which you'll already know if you follow me on Instagram! Sorry about that.) I thought it would be a good idea to document some of the trip, so over the next few days, be prepared to hear a lot more about it!!!

So, as I already mentioned, on Sunday off we went. First stop wasn't too far away from home - Balmaha on the east side of Loch Lomond. Part of the West Highland Way, it's a pretty little village we've travelled through on many an occasion but beyond a couple of failed attempts to fully conquer Conic Hill, which looms over the village, we haven't spent long periods of time there. But the Oak Tree Inn was offering half price rooms this month so we decided to spend the night there for once!

What a lovely hotel it was! We were situated in one of the cottages called "Loch Sloy", which had a number of rooms in it. (Don't worry, you didn't need to encounter other people.) We had a little decking bit outside overlooking the loch and it was just a wonderful little room. We ate in the hotel restaurant also; the pate was delicious and the portion of haggis I had for my main was absolutely massive!

We also went for a wander around Balmaha - we'd got there after three pm and, unfortunately, the light was already starting to fade, so no third attempt at Conic Hill on the cards this time. But we had a little walk around and got some nice pictures of the loch. I've spoken about my love of Loch Lomond on more than one occasion on this blog so you probably already know it's my happy place.

There's a famous statue here also, of Tom Weir, who once presented the show "Weir's Way" - he would visit various parts of Scotland in it and was a much-loved figure. It's really hard to get him alone as he constantly has people posing next to him, but at night we managed to get a picture of him all lit up.

After dinner we headed back to our lovely room and relaxed, ready to head onwards the next day and see ALL OF THE SIGHTS!

Unfortunately, with the following day came the rain . . . *insert Eastenders style dumdumdumDUMDUMDUM noise here*


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