Wednesday, 18 October 2017


I've always thought it would be sort of cool to have psychic ability. Predicting the lotto numbers would be great for a start - but it would also be great to know the good things that might happen to you in the future. I know it would take the fun out of life a wee bit (and you wouldn't really want to know the bad things, unless you could somehow prevent them) but think how funny it would be if you could freak other people out using it?

For example . . . a little over 12 years ago, I walked into a job interview for a contact centre. One of the questions I was asked was to describe some sort of attraction or place, what was there, how to get there - basically it was a way for you to show how clearly you could explain something. I chose to speak about Blackpool since it was a place I'd been a lot when I was a kid and, to be frank, I was at a bit of a loss.

I'm aware that the first paragraph and second seem completely unrelated. (I'm getting to my point, I promise.)

But . . . what if I did possess psychic ability and could see my future clearly???

Perhaps I would have blurted out, in that interview, to the smiley dude interviewing me "one day we will be in Blackpool together."

I probably would have been as surprised as he would to be honest.

And I would probably have looked like a certified loony and definitely wouldn't have got that job.

But . . . just over eight years later, four years ago today, we both found ourselves on a night out together. Where we ended up kissing, chatting for hours, then continuing the conversation via text message all of the following week. Within a matter of weeks we were officially a couple. And it was never something I questioned, something I overthought like I always would in previous relationships. Because it just . . . made sense.

Four years on, we've shared Christmases, New Years, birthdays, holidays, waaaayyy more dinners out than my weight can cope with and many nights in on the sofa just chilling . . . and several trips to Blackpool!

I love . .
  • that we freak ourselves out so often by going to say exactly the same thing at the same time
  • that he is as much of a "Friends" addict as I am
  • that he gets on so well with my friends and family
  • that he makes me laugh so much
  • and that he calms me down when I'm feeling a bit "squiggly".

Can't believe it's been four years already - time really does go fast when you're having fun though, it may be a cliché, but it's definitely true.

Happy four years!!!

DISCLAIMER: I can only apologise whole-heartedly to anyone reading this for the level of cheese in this post but . . . we both love cheese so shhhhh! ;-)


  1. I love cheese too! Congrats on 4 years, Paula! x

  2. Happy 4 year anniversary! Can't believe this year I will be celebrating 17 years with Mr Adventures Around Scotland, where does time go?!

  3. Happy anniversary!


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