Saturday, 2 September 2017


I'm just back from Kavos! I know... what was I thinking? I'm 37 years old! Don't worry, I have a post on whether Kavos is good for a slightly older crowd coming up very soon which will answer this. I also have a couple more holiday inspired posts which will be appearing on the blog over the next week or so and an update on my reading challenge so stay tuned please! 😉

Today, however, I'm going to talk about holiday fashion... specifically MY holiday fashion. Yes, I know I'm not a fashion blogger by any means but I do absolutely love clothes and spend an inordinate amount of time looking through fashion websites online to find bargains in my particular style. For holidays this tends to be shorter dresses, shift dresses, Bardot and/or off-the-shoulder dresses . . . I like to search specifically for these sort of items when I pop online, then sort them by price (from low to high, obviously - I wonder how many people actually choose the option "price high to low"? I've only ever done it by accident) and search only for items in my size if possible to avoid disappointment.

And then I spend an absolute shitload of money. Because, well, my name is Paula and I'm a shopaholic . . . and a dressaholic.

Anyway, here is a selection of my outfits from my most recent holiday. I've included links to any I actually have links for since I did get compliments on a few of them when I posted them on instagram over the week. You are welcome.

This Boohoo bardot dress was picked up on sale from asos - link here
This Only dress, also from asos but not in the sale, is a bit longer than my usual style but I felt like the length, combined with the Bardot neckline and animal print would be perfect for my holiday. The dress can be found here.

This Boohoo off-the-shoulder gingham number was probably the dress I was looking forward to wearing the most. It is sooo cute and best of all? It was a mere six pounds in the boohoo sale. AND . . . it's still available. What are you waiting for? It can be found right here.

Another asos find, I couldn't resist the pattern and style of this QED London dress. Link here.
I go to Ibiza in less than a month's time (don't hate me) and I'm sure all four of these dresses will be making a reappearance when I'm there also . . . but I also can't guarantee I won't end up spending even more money on new outfits for that holiday too. We'll see . . .like I said, I have a problem!

Do you like these dresses? When you're off on holiday are you a need-a-whole-new-wardrobe type of person too, or do you always just return to old favourites? I'd love to know.

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