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It's been a wee while since I posted about my reading challenge . . . this isn't because I haven't been reading by any means! Well it is a little bit but I still have a backlog of books I've read and haven't yet posted up here, so that's no excuse. I guess it's just that I'm a bit lazy! Reading a book is far more easy than writing about the book when it comes down to it. (Probably another reason why I couldn't be a book blogger!) But anyway, let's get down to it, with the next five books I've read so far this year!

Single for the Summer - Mandy Baggot

Now, I actually read this back when I was in Lanzarote in May; however, because I had got a free copy of it through Netgalley, it wasn't actually officially published yet at that point so I didn't really feel I could post about it. It is now out though, so yay!!! What immediately struck me about this book was that it was set in the village of Kalami, which was the first place I ever stayed when I went to Corfu for the first time in 2014. I absolutely loved it there and, although I'm sure some of the places were fictional, there were enough real life places thrown in to really take me back three years and yearn to go back. (This year I'm going to Kavos, which begins with the same letter, but really isn't quite the same.) This story features Tess as our heroine - to say she is a commitment-phobe is probably a pretty big understatement - who goes on holiday with her heartbroken best friend to Corfu, pledging to the friend that she will not get into a relationship this time. And she fully intends to stick to her pact, even when the gorgeous Andras asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend to get his mum off his back. But there's often a fine line between reality and fiction . . . I loved this book, it was funny and sweet and romantic . . . and it was interesting to find out exactly what had happened to Tess to make her the way she was. Warning: whether you have been to Kalami or not, this book will make you itch to go there asap! 8/10

Seven Steps to Happiness - Stella Newman

Lenny is a bit of a free spirit, with a career which keeps her away from home a lot, and a boyfriend-who-isn't-really-a-boyfriend, while Juliet is happily married with a great career and a pretty-much-grown-up daughter. Neither of them are entirely happy with their lives though, especially when Juliet discovers that her perfect marriage has more cracks in it than she ever could have realised . . . so when Lenny is given the chance to try an app that promotes happiness, she decides both she and Juliet could use this! This book was a bit slow to get going but once I was into it I found myself very invested in the characters and hoping they would find their happiness. Oh, and it will really make you want to eat a cheese toastie, so this is my second book in this post with a warning! 7/10

Love From Paris - Alexandra Potter

I have loved Alexandra Potter's novels since her debut "What's New, Pussycat?" many moons ago. "Love From Paris" was no exception to this. Now, technically, this book is the second in "The Love Detective" series but you don't actually need to have read the first book in order to enjoy this one . . . to be honest, I feel like I read the first one so long ago that I could barely remember the plot, except what was mentioned in this book with regards to Ruby's (our protagonist!) past. This was an enjoyable, intriguing story, where Ruby decides to visit her friend Harriet in Paris after feeling let down by her long-distance boyfriend Jack. Once there, she finds a mysterious bunch of letters hidden in an apartment and an attractive lawyer who seems to be interested in her. Will she get to the bottom of the letter mystery . . . and which guy is she meant to be with? In amongst all this you have the beautiful backdrop of gorgeous Paris, which is just the icing on the cake. Definitely a good wee read, a gentle, funny page-turner with a lovely additional plot set in the past. 8/10

Him Downstairs - Sherill Turner

I'd never heard of this book prior to ordering it, but I was browsing through amazon on my Kindle and was intrigued by the premise, so decided to go for it! It's always hard to cope with a break-up . . . but what if your ex lives in the flat directly underneath you? That's the case for Lucy, who had formed an amazing relationship with Tom . . . until the strain of his recent separation from his wife and two kids takes its toll and he breaks up with her. Absolutely gutted, Lucy tries her best to move on but she can't help but run into him all the bloody time given his proximity! This was a funny but very honest look at trying to get over a break-up and the hope you often hold, as the one who has been broken up with, that you'll maybe get back together someday. I definitely couldn't stop reading! 7/10

The Law of Attraction - Roxie Cooper

I feel like I had been waiting for this book to be released for so long! I had been following Roxie on twitter for YEARS, before I even knew she had a book deal, so when I found out she DID have a book deal, I was so excited to read it. Of course, I was worried that I had hyped the book up too much in my head, but I was delighted to discover it was brilliant! It takes you into the world of Chambers and barristers, where platinum blonde Amanda, who didn't grow up in a privileged background by any means, has just been accepted for a pupillage for a year, against all odds. The aforementioned odds are stacked against her even more when she discovers she's competing in an internship against horrible Martin from her previous course - and he has somehow managed to twist the entire chambers around his little finger, while Amanda struggles to be taken seriously by the men, and is bitched about by the women. However, Amanda didn't get where she was without a struggle, and she's not going to give her dream up without a fight. But will a secret from her past send her dreams crashing to the ground? This is an excellent book, I devoured it in less than a day - it was so interesting seeing what goes behind closed doors in chambers, the dialogue was great, Cooper has created a great heroine in Amanda and the slimy antagonist Marty was brilliantly captured too . . . and of course there was a nice little romantic storyline too just to add to everything else that was going on. I loved this book and can't speak more highly of it! 10/10

So a wee update to the challenge so far . . . at the moment I'm standing at 24 books (which means just one more book and a part 5 post will be in the offing) and according to Goodreads this means I'm "On track". As usual, since I got back my holiday I have definitely dialled down on my reading which means I'm thinking "Oh holy shite, I only have four and a half months to read SIXTEEN BOOKS!!! . . . however, I have TWO abroad holidays coming up in the next two months so that means I should be able to make up for lost time. Fingers crossed anyway!!!

What have YOU been reading recently?

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  1. Omg 24 books, well done! I'd love to get involved with a reading challenge i just never have any time :(



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