Tuesday, 11 July 2017


It's nearly payday for me.

I get paid mid-month and I've been skint since about a week after last payday. I tried to put myself on a budget so I wouldn't inevitably end up into my overdraft but I still seem to have spent an excessive amount of money on food, wine and nights out. If that's me when I'm trying to be good, then this is probably a good indication for you on how bad I am in that week between payday and the following week when I'm flat out broke. :-(

So anyway, here are some things I tend to do once I get paid.

1) If payday falls on a weekday, I'll treat myself to a nice breakfast and lunch. Because . . . it's payday! Usually this means cake for breakfast (lemon drizzle cake is practically a breakfast food anyway, right?) and something ridiculously greasy like mac and cheese or chips and cheese for lunch. Y'know, healthy stuff!

2) Speaking of actual healthy stuff, there may be a trip to Whole Foods or Holland & Barrett so I can buy things like coconut flour, or cacao, or apple cider vinegar . . . that I'll then mostly forget to use despite dropping thirty quid for approximately four items.

3) There needs to be at least one nice dinner out that first weekend after payday. Possibly two. And at least one takeaway. Because it's, like, the rules, okay?

4) I'll pay some money towards my credit card, obviously. If I'm feeling particularly decadent, I'll even pay more than the minimum amount.

5) This is also the time for me to buy the things I've been running out of since last payday. Like foundation, contact lens cleaner and shampoo. Yay, I can use generous amounts of these once again!

6) Online clothes shopping. Because, even though I told myself I wasn't going to buy any clothes until I lost some weight, it just so happened ASOS or Boohoo were having a 40% off moment that was expiring in twenty five minutes when I *accidentally* went online for a wee look.  And, since I just got paid, it's obviously meant to be, right?!?

7) And, of course, there has to be at least one wee cheeky overnight trip away and that obviously needs to be paid for. Which also tends to necessitate a dinner and drinks in the overnight locale . . . or, if we want to save money, a hotel picnic. The irony of which being that the picnic usually ends up coming from M&S and costs nearly the same amount as it would if we just ate out in the first place.

(Last time we had a night away (a couple of weeks ago), we decided we might as well find a hotel for the next night as well. And then, when we got back the following night, we needed to go out for dinner to cheer ourselves up because we were home!)

It may sound like I'm some sort of millionaire. I'm really not. I just like to think  I am for those couple of days right after I get paid. After that, I have no money and then I'm waiting once again for the next payday to roll around. It's quite the vicious cycle.

I'm hoping to break that cycle with this up-and-coming payday.

After I've booked a holiday abroad, obviously . . . and paid for an already booked trip to Devon.. And bought an electric toothbrush and possibly some new clothes . . .

How is your payday behaviour???

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  1. Much the same. Money slips through my fingers veeery easily but I figure what else do I work for? I have no kids so I might as well blow what cash I can when I can, right? Life is made for living.


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