Monday, 17 July 2017


Can we talk about Instagram Stories please?

Wait . . . it's my blog, I can talk about whatever I want so yes, we can talk about instagram stories! I'm going to talk about it and you're going to listen . . . I mean, read. Sorry, I got a bit aggressive there - please don't leave?!?

I am loving Instagram Stories at the moment. I love seeing other people's, and I love making my own. Here's why I think I love it so much.

First of all, while I wouldn't say my normal Instagram feed is all about showing My Very Best Self, I do tend to generally filter out the bad bits, unless I can use the bad bits to get laughs. If I can do that, then I'm all for including them. Anyway, I do tend to only want to use the nicest pictures on my regular feed. The best selfie of the seventy million attempts at a selfie I've taken, the least steamy picture of my dinner, the most beautiful picture of that clifftop view . . . I don't like half-assing it. I'm in it for likes, people!!!!

So one of the reasons I like Instagram stories is because it's almost like the outtakes of my regular feed. You're getting to see behind the feed and getting more of an insight into me! For example:

  • That picture of the view I posted from the edge of a cliff? You might see me on Instagram stories in the process of climbing up to that view, moaning about the fact the boyfriend always leaves me behind because I'm so slow he's so selfish.
  • Instead of that selfie, you'll see what I look like when I've just woke up. If you're interested, this can probably be best described as a bit of an Alice Cooper/Brian May hybrid.
  • Instead of the picture of my dinner, you might see me showing how I made the dinner - or the mess I've managed to make of the fella's kitchen in the process of making the dinner!
It's like Real World: Pollypoptart, when I stop being polite and start getting real.

I also like the filters. I don't have snapchat so I gotta get my filter fix somewhere. What kind of world do we live in when a girl can't virtually attach dog ears to her selfie?!?

If I don't have at least one instagram story running on my profile I feel a bit like I've went wrong somewhere in life. What was I doing the previous day that means I didn't manage to film some sort of instagram story??? I even managed to make trying to put all my DVDs back into their relevant cases into several thousand instagram stories once. Eventually I was so distracted by Instagram that I didn't actually finish the DVD sorting and they've been sitting in haphazard piles for about two and a half months now.

I also love the odd time someone will say to you "Oh that instagram story you did really made me laugh"- it's nice to know that someone has found your story funny, or agreed with what you were saying.

But here's the flip side of it . . . you can see everyone who has saw your story. With a normal instagram picture, you can see who likes your picture but you can't see who has all actually had it flash up in their feed. Seeing who has watched your instagram story is a bit creepy in a way. But mainly because you know they've watched it but they haven't necessarily commented on it . . . and you wonder what they all think of it, because let's face it, for every one person who says "I really liked that story you did", you've got like 100 other people who looked at it and haven't even mentioned it to you. And maybe they were just flicking past it, or not paying attention, or drunk at the time but . . . you don't know that!!! So I do find that kind of weird, personally - maybe it's just me?

For the moment though, Instagram Stories is definitely a wee addiction of mine. And if you aren't following me already, why not pop through and do so now???

How do you feel about Instagram Stories?


  1. i love insta stories! I think they are far better than snapchat, and the fact they put people that interact with you at the top of your list of who has watched it makes it muuuuccch easier to see who is lurking you 😂

  2. I never watch Instastories. I just hate watching videos which is why I've never really got on with snap chat!

    Corinne x


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