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So it's time to continue on with the reading challenge . . .  mainly because I still need to catch up with myself due to my holiday reading frenzy! (It's worth noting I have now been back for nearly three weeks - already?!? - and my reading has once again slowed riiiiiight down.)

So what are the next five books on my list?

11) Ella's Ice Cream Summer - Sue Watson

This was a gorgeous little read and I didn't want it to end. When Ella's aunt dies, she is shocked to discover she has been left something in her will - however it is not the family ice cream parlour as she had secretly hoped; rather it is the ancient ice cream van part of the business. She is unsure what to do since she has a life elsewhere - but fate conspires to bring her back to Devon, where she spent many summers as a kid with her aunt and glamorous cousin Gina, and she decides to try and make a success of the ice cream van business, with the hopes that perhaps Gina will at some point let her buy the ice cream parlour.

I really loved this book, it had me hooked from the outset. I loved the character of Ella, and her mother was absolutely fabulous and a comedy masterpiece, if a little over-opinionated and over-bearing at times. My favourite character, however was probably Delilah the Pomeranian - I'm sure I'm not alone in this!
I felt this was set up all along to be a bit of a series and although I'm generally more of a fan of a stand-alone novel I am definitely keen to read more from the world of Appledore! Highly recommended - a delicious read without any calories! 10/10

12) Mermaid Hair and I Don't Care - C.J. Morrow

Another great book, this one featured Lily - Lily is hoping for a big promotion in work (and if she doesn't get it, she's probably going to lose her job, so that's a pretty big incentive!) and she also thinks she and her boyfriend are about to properly commit to each other. Turns out he's planning to go on holiday without her actually . . . the following day. So she heads off on holiday with her friend instead, and ends up having a bit of a holiday fling. The understanding is that this fling, no matter how they feel, cannot last longer than the holiday . . . however fate might have other ideas in mind!

I really enjoyed this book, not as much as I enjoyed books 10 and 11, but I was very invested in what happened with Lily and really interested to know how the book turned out and if she was going to get her happy ending. 7/10

13) Break-Up Club - Lorelei Mathias

Wouldn't it be kinda great if all of your friends were single at the same time and could support each other after a break-up? That's pretty much the premise of this book - Holly and her friends, who have all just came out of relationships, form a club to support one another through their respective break-ups. And we get to see all of their progress as they try to move on with their life and get over their exes, not always successfully.

I am not unfamiliar to a break-up, and I'm sure most of you are the same - this was a pretty accurate portrayal of the whole horrible process, and as the characters were all very likeable it was easy to identify with them all and their situation. 7/10

14) How To Find Your (First) Husband - Rosie Blake

Did you ever "marry" someone in the school playground when you were a little kid? I certainly didn't, but Isobel did. She and Andrew were "married" for a week at school until he left her for another girl. Most people would have forgotten about this, but over the years Isobel has became a tad obsessed that her and Andrew, as adults, are meant to be together. So she heads back to England from her home in LA to try and find him . . . this however leads her to a tropical island in Malaysia of all places, where she attempts to locate the guy she feels she is destined to be with.

This was also a great book, so readable and really funny in a lot of places. Isobel got herself into quite a few scrapes, and the ensemble of characters was just fantastic. Plus I really kinda want to go to this Malaysian island now - it sounded AMAZING! 9/10

15) Some Girls Do - Clodagh Murphy

What do you do if you are about to be caught in a lie? Claire is behind an extremely popular sex blog and she could be about to get a book deal out of it . . . however she's hiding something. Mainly that she's not very sexually experienced and the blog's content is complete fiction! How can she get out of this one, particularly when she is falling for the potential publisher of her book? Simple - she'll ask new acquaintance Luca if he can teach her everything he knows about sex!

Except is it ever going to be simple??? This was a really interesting read - as a blogger myself, albeit not a sex blogger, it's a useful reminder that people online aren't always what they seem - Claire's "mummy blogger" friend was another prime example of this. I was also curious to find out if Claire's secret would be exposed or not. Another great book from Clodagh Murphy! 8/10

So that's all for now! Expect another reading challenge update soon . . . although I have a couple more books to read until I make it to book 20 - halfway through my challenge! I'm still on course at the moment so hopefully I can make it there before the end of June.

I'd love to know what you've all been reading?

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  1. I'm embarrassed. I don't really have time to read! The break up club looks pretty interesting through!

    Corinne x


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