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Are you experiencing a dose of blogger's block? Trust me, I know all about this. I'm so blocked at the moment that the very thought of even writing this post is exhausting me, but I'm going to do it anyway, because these type of posts from others have helped me on many an occasion, and I'm hoping by posting this I can pay it forward a bit. While perhaps indulging in a bit of shameless self-promotion at the same time and directing you to some of my posts you may have missed in the past....

But mostly the "pay it forward" part, of course! ;-)

1) Posts about blogging. Now, maybe this is weird, but I do enjoy reading blog posts that are actually about blogging itself. I enjoy reading posts about the positive sides of blogging as well as the pitfalls. Why not give these a try yourself? If you're actually pretty web-savvy, maybe you could even do some sort of tutorial giving advice on how others can improve their blogs. I've learned a lot from other people who do posts along those lines!

2) Reviews - whether that's of your latest restaurant visits, a book you've adored or loathed, or perhaps even a new pastel hair dye that you have had experience with, people are always searching for reviews on certain products - maybe your experience will help them!

3) Tell us more about the area you live in. I did this with my tongue-in-cheek guide to Scottish-ness many moons ago, and I continue to try and sell my country to all with my regular(ish) Scotland the Beautiful series. Showcasing some of Scotland's natural beauty can be a godsend to me when I'm stuck for writing inspiration . . .and, as an added wee bonus, it encourages me to get out and about!

4) Do you have an amazing recipe to share with everyone? You should! And even if you don't have one of your own, have you been cooking your way through a recipe book, or Pinterest recently? Why not write about the best recipes you have tried and what you thought of them (favourite pasta recipes for example? Giving full credit obviously!

5) Do you get annoyed easily? I do, and I love a good rant about it - it really does help to get it out! I do love a "how to annoy me in a . . ." post myself and I love to read about others' pet peeves too. You could write about the things that annoy you in an office, for example, or while you're on holiday.

6) We've all had an embarrassing moment with someone we fancied, right? Why don't you share one of your embarrassing moments? Can you one-up the time I chased a guy around the Duke of Wellington statue in Royal Exchange Square asking him if I had boring boobs???

7) Speaking of lurve, most of us have had heartbreak in our lives at one point or another - do you have any lessons you have learned from a break-up (or in my case, tons of break-ups!)? I found writing a post about this really therapeutic  . . . and it was a post that resonated with so many people at the time, I felt like it actually helped others too!

8) Social media - what are your pros and cons of the various social media platforms? What annoys you about facebook? Can you think up any example of Tweets you hope never to see? Or maybe you actually barely use social media at all apart from blogging and want to tell us why. There's so much inspiration can be drawn from sites like Instagram and Twitter. I think I've posted tons about social media, from so many angles over the last few years. It's certainly something I, as well as probably most people reading this post, have tons of experience of, and it's so interesting to both write and read about!

9) Do you have a TV show you're obsessed with? Maybe you can base some posts around this! In my case, I am a massive "Friends" fan so I've been inspired by this show on several different occasions on my blog. And I'm pretty sure I still have several posts to come on it. (Sorry not sorry.)

10) Speaking of "Friends" (see, I'm obsessed!), do you remember the laminated list of 5 women Ross was allowed to sleep with? Who would be on your laminated list? Or which five people would you invite to your dream dinner party?

11) Do you have an unusual hobby or go to a class that others might be interested in hearing about? You could tell us about that. One day I will get around to posting more about my pole fitness classes, I will I will I will.

12) Reality TV - there's tons of posts that can be done about this, whether you actually watch it or not! For example, I like to post about why I couldn't star on shows like The Apprentice, or Big Brother, or Come Dine With Me, but once again, there are so many angles that could be covered. Why do you hate it, why do you love it, have you ever been on it yourself? Now I would REALLY love to hear more about that last one!

13) Are you online shopping for an outfit for a special occasion, a swimsuit for the pool, or a passport holder for your holiday? Why not share your search with your blog readers?

14) Or on a similar vein, maybe you can produce a gift guide? One I was looking for recently online, for example, was ideas for a present for a lifestyle blogger - so if you wanted to do one of them, that would go down very well with me! Or, how about an anti-gift guide? Every so often I like to check out some of my favourite gift websites and trash-talk some of the ideas on there. I'm sure one man's trash really is another man's treasure though.... And also . . . how about hand-made gifts? I love a wee DIY gift tutorial!

15) What's your favourite holiday destination? Why not sell it to us?

16) Has technology ever ruined something old-skool for you?

17) Is there anything you're really bad at? Or loads of things? Or how about a list of things you can't pull off? Similarly, if you've got some mad skills, why not share these with us?

18) Some sort of topical piece. Sometimes I get an idea from a headline I just happen to see while I'm browsing online. Which could be anything, from my name becoming extinct, to a rant about Katie Hopkins.

19) How about some random facts about yourself that we might not know?

20) I love reading about dieting (like I said, I'm a weirdo) - do you have experience of different diets, a disastrous experience on one, a successful one you'd recommend, or a guide of how to stick to one? I'd love to hear more about it and I'm sure loads of other people would too!

21) And last but not least, why not do a post about blog post ideas? Even if you're blocked yourself, you may have loads of good ideas for others that you've posted about in the past!

I hope I've been of some help if you are looking for blog inspiration, and if you have any ideas of your own feel free to share. And if I have helped to inspire you with a post I'd love to read it!

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  1. Some great blog post ideas! I love the one about embarrassing stories x

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