Friday, 12 May 2017


Ah, how I love being away on holiday. And I was on holiday until yesterday when I came home (cries) although on the upside I'm not back at work until next Tuesday so at least I have some time to readjust to normality. Let's not think of that yet though. I thought instead I would have a wee chat about a typical day for me when I'm away on one of my sunshine holidays...

I always tend to wake up early when I'm abroad, earlier than I would at the weekend when I'm at home. I usually spend this time before the fella wakes (he doesn't have my waking early problem!) catching up on social media on my phone, or reading.

At some point I'll start getting ready for poolside, with the aim of being out by ten. This usually involves putting on and discarding at least one piece of swimwear before putting on my favourite bikini AGAIN (at least my strap marks will be the same, right?), and then getting my SPF on, a necessary but tedious evil. I usually need to juice up my phone too since there is rarely a socket anywhere near my bed and I've drained my battery catching up on aforementioned social media! 😂

Now we're outside and trying to find a sunlounger that doesn't already have a person or a towel (grrrr!) on it. Oh and it needs to hopefully be away from other humans, particularly loud ones, and have sun on it for most of the day. I don't ask for much eh? I get out my essentials: more suncream, kindle, phone, insect repellant just in case, and get to loungin'.

Around about this time, weather permitting, I like a wee dip in the pool. This usually involves me spending about ten minutes inching myself into the water followed by about five minutes of actually swimming. Once I've dried off I usually want a break from the sun so will head inside.

Lunchtime. I've usually not had breakfast so starving by this point! This usually involves some sort of fresh bread accompanied by cheese and meat. Possibly a wee sangria or other fruity alcoholic beverage too... but more often than not it will be a Pepsi or (if I've managed to track it down abroad) some Diet Irn Bru!

At this point, the afternoon can go several ways. It could involve me going and sitting out on the balcony for an hour or two, going for some sort of walk... or just deciding to get ready early for the evening and then heading to a pub for some pre-dinner drinking! I could also go to the gym... but I never do. Although I did use an outdoor gym down near the beach one day en route to the pub. But that was mainly so I could film some funny boomerangs for Instagram stories so I'm not sure that counts...

If I choose to spend the afternoon chilling on the balcony, then I'll start getting ready around about five-ish.  Shower, fix hair, do make-up. Try on and discard several outfits.  (Does anyone else find they take back half the contents of their suitcase unworn?) Ready!

Head out. Spend lots of time just walking around in circles trying to decide where to go, end up going with the age-old classic of choosing a place and then PRETENDING to look at the menu outside until someone comes over to try and entice us in. Ha, fooled you suckers, we were coming in anyway... we just wanted you to fight for us. Order starters... despite saying we were only going to get mains. Because starters are literally the best thing about food ever and don't even argue with me about it because shhh.

Struggle to eat main because I had a starter. D'uh. But when they clear my plate away and offer me the option of dessert, it's hard to say no...

Head back to apartments via the supermarket so we can stock up on juice, booze and bread for the next day's lunch. I usually opt for cava if we're in Spain as it's ridiculously cheap. If we're lucky, we then get a nice sunset to capture on camera for Instagram purposes.

Find something to watch on the TV, this can be a challenge as the English speaking channels can be few and far between. I feel like we end up watching a lot of Van Damme movies, oddly. 😂 Settle down with cava and Milka chocolate (isn't it the best?) and head to bed when all the goodies are gone, ready to repeat all over again the next day...

So that's a day in the life of me on holiday. I already miss the feeling. To the point where I got home at 8ish last night and was already looking up holidays by 10pm...


  1. Did you go anywhere nice? I need a sunny chilled holiday like this!
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I went to Costa Teguise in Lanzarote for eleven nights... it was soooo good!

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