Tuesday, 14 March 2017


They say admitting you have a problem is the first step, and my problem is I'm pretty obsessed with Instagram. That being said, I don't really find it a problem, because it's so bloody entertaining and I could spend hours just looking at pictures on it!

So what are my favourite things to look at? I'm glad you asked . . .

Pastel/Rainbow Hair - I'm pretty much obsessed with pastel hair, as you may know about me if you've read any of my posts. I frequently spend massive amounts of time scrolling through hairdresser profiles looking at their amazing creations and wishing that my hair looked half that good. Some of the "mermaid" colours are just incredible!

Food - I think there's two types of people in the world. There are the ones who don't understand why anyone would post a picture of their food for everyone to see . . . and those who think it's amazing! I fall into the latter camp. I am so interested in seeing what people are eating, it gives me inspiration and helps me think outside the box too.

Views - As you'll maybe know from my Scotland the Beautiful posts, I love travel and one of my favourite things about this is getting pictures of spectacular views. I could probably spend days just trawling through pictures of pretty views, especially Scottish ones. They are utterly incredible and, just like with the food pics, you end up getting inspiration about places you want to go . . . and sometimes find places you didn't even know existed as a result!

Clothes - I'm interested in seeing what people are wearing. I used to love that What I Wore Today website where everyone who signed up could just post pics of themselves in their outfit of the day and people would like them. I never got particularly high ratings myself but it was nice to see how other people put their outfits together. It's good that so many people are doing this now on Insta . . . although sometimes I worry that it's putting a lot of temptation in my path, as well as strain on my purse!

Fitness - I've already mentioned that I find Instagram inspirational on a couple of levels - none more so than fitness though! Watching people's fitness and weight loss successes is soooo inspiring and does make me think twice about reaching for the tin of condensed milk and spoon. (I say "think twice" - I still would ultimately reach for it but I would dither a bit more over it first. I'm a work in progress, okay???)

Puppies - I'm so dog-broody it's ridiculous. I spend way too much time drooling over pictures of other people's dogs. I make no apologies for this though.

What are your favourite things to look at on Instagram? And are you following me yet???

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  1. Mermaid hair is one of my obsessions right now too!


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