Wednesday, 25 January 2017


I'm just back from a couple of days in a lovely cottage up north, and I can't deny it; I'm feeling pretty "flat" right now. I definitely have a case of the post-holiday blues. I don't know about anyone else, but it doesn't seem to matter to me whether I'm away for a long weekend somewhere in Scotland, or a week abroad somewhere distinctly warmer, I still end up feeling down after I'm back. There's various reasons for this, I reckon, so let me break it down for you in this wee post...

Getting the routine back
When I'm on holiday all bets are off. The diet is off, I can go to bed later, stay in bed longer the following day . . . if I'm abroad I may start drinking earlier during the day, I might be having my meals at different times or enjoying different types of food. Going back home means trying to jump back on the diet and exercise wagon and having a more rigid timetable for doing things. And yes, yes, I know I could just not let go of this routine while on holiday and try and keep some of it up so it wouldn't be so hard to go back to but . . . I can't help but feel "I'm on holiday, let me do what I like please!"

Eating out a lot
Being on holiday is one of my biggest excuses for having a lot of meals out. To be honest, I do also have quite a lot of meals out at home but . . . not every single night.

Going back to work
There's always that little part of me that delights in being off work on a day I know all my colleagues are in. Knowing I'm somewhere that wee bit (or a lot) more fun adds to the joy off being away somewhere on a wee jaunt. It therefore follows that coming back to work afterwards and falling back down to reality is a bit of a downer. I always need to have a wee day or two if possible after the holiday to wean myself back in before I head back into the office.

So much stuff!!!
You know the feeling . . . you spend ages packing to go away, trying to squeeze all your favourite clothing and and accessories and shoes into your suitcase. Then you discover that, not only did you not end up wearing half of what you packed, you're kinda loving your "minimal" amount of possessions while on holiday. All your stuff can be packed away into drawers and the wardrobes neatly and you have more space than you ever have at home. Then you get home and realise you have about 1000 times the stuff you had on holiday and wonder what you possibly need it all for as your place is an absolute pigsty (that isn't getting cleaned by someone else every other day - what's that all about?!?). Disclaimer: please replace every "you" with "I" in this paragraph.

Serious case of wanderlust
I always immediately want to go away on holiday again and before I'm even back in the office I'm already trying to work out when my next annual leave should be, and where we should go next to get away from it all. It's never ending.

However, with three overnight voucher deals between me and the fella which need to be used before the end of March, hopefully it won't be too long before we can break the routine again. :-) So at least there's those to look forward to.

I'm not, however, looking forward to the inevitable post-holiday blues after those trips away . . .

What gets you down after a holiday?

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