Friday, 2 December 2016


So a month ago, my office moved from just outside Glasgow city centre to right into the heart of the city centre. The new office is only about a 20 minute walk from the old one, but the difference is pretty massive. We have lockers to put our belongings in at the end of the night, we have a fabulous view, it's a lot fancier than what we are used to . . . Even the lift system has been stressing me out so much that I have ended up on the wrong floor on several occasions and have now resorted to walking up four flights of stairs and trying not to collapse when I reach my destination, just because it's easier than dealing with the lift.

But the biggest change for me has been working back in the city centre. Back in the early days of me working, I often worked in the centre in a variety of different jobs. But I have worked in the same area now for 11 years, and I'd kinda forgotten what it was like. So here's my run-down of what stresses me out about city centre working life . . .

There are too many people other than me in the city centre. As you might know about me, I suffer from bad pavement rage. Trying to get from A to B without pushing someone over is a struggle for me. There are too many people trying to walk through me, stopping in front of me without warning, conducting horrendously loud conversations with each other directly in my ear . . . that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Okay, we're less than a month from Christmas so town is obviously a bit busier than it usually is. But I can't see my pavement rage abating any time soon.

I rarely went to the shops when I was in the old office . . . mainly because 1) the aforementioned pavement rage and 2) it was too much hassle to walk into the centre on lunch or after work, and try and shop in a hurry. Now the shops, ALL OF THE SHOPS, are on my doorstep. The temptation!!! Wait - it gets worse. Because Primark is about a TWO MINUTE WALK from my office. How am I going to be able to resist the lure of cheap ballet pumps and pretty pyjamas? I ended up buying a pair of ankle boots with sparkly heels on my second day in the new office!!! That's how long I managed to avoid the Primark visit. This is not going to be good for my pursestrings, is it?

Look how sparkly!!!

I am in the early stages of what is bound to become a full-blown hot chocolate addiction, due to the fella insisting on popping into coffee shops in the morning, and me not being able to resist all of the interesting flavours on offer at the moment. Toasted marshmallow flavour from Costa? Yes please. Salted caramel hot chocolate from Nero? You had me at "salted caramel." And why yes, I would LOVE cream with both of those, how did you know?!? This is not going to be good for my budget or my waistline . . .

In our old office, our lunchtime options were the following: a sort of coffee shop/café (without any seats) in the basement of our building, the vending machine, a snack van, a convenience store that usually was low on stock of anything you might actually want, and three restaurants which were a ten minute walk away. The only other option was to walk into the city centre. Now we are SURROUNDED by places to eat, restaurants, bars, takeaways. I've finally got to try and Paesano pizza (and discovered the absolute JOY that is burrata - how did I get to 37 without discovering this?), ate chips and cheese sitting on a bench in Buchanan Galleries, stuffed my face with goodies from both nearby Christmas markets . . . oh, and there's a Greggs the Bakers right next to the office. I suppose at least I'm getting exercise when I walk to and from the latest place I'm going to buy fattening food from! Now, where to have lunch today . . .?

Paesano pizza rocks my workd . . . and check out that burrata!

We've been experimenting with public transport, as the office is a bit further of a walk from my flat, and the parking in the city centre is not cheap. The first day I took the train, it was amazing - from my flat door, to my office desk, in 25 minutes. The next time we got the train, it was not so fun - we were all squashed in like sardines, and that mere five minutes on the train was just hellish. Then we tried to get the bus from the fella's and, although we have regularly got the bus into town from there for drinks and dinner at the weekend, this time it was late, packed, and stopped at probably every bus stop on the 9 mile journey. By the time we got off the bus, an hour and a half after leaving the house, I definitely deserved that salted caramel hot chocolate . . .

So, I guess my issues are mainly fairly superficial and silly ones . . .  really I just need to try to control my pavement rage, and dial up my willpower button. Unfortunately I am easily irritated and I have feck all willpower so it will be an interesting ride, that's for sure. Ultimately, I guess it's good being back in the city centre . . . but it's probably going to take me a while longer to get used to!

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