Friday, 23 December 2016


In previous years, I have (when I remembered to do so!) had a brief trawl through some of my favourite gift-giving websites to see what ridiculous (in my opinion) presents I could find. Presents I personally probably wouldn't thank you for. Well, I would thank you, because 1) I'm polite and 2) I'd be grateful that you thought of me but . . . I might not be all that enthralled with the thought.

So what are we looking at this year? Let's dive in, shall we?

ONE . . .First up, we have this "Calm the F*ck Down Tea" from Firebox.

Not to be completely ungrateful, but . . . at £9.99 you could buy me 1 and a half bottles of half decent wine and I'd probably be quite a lot calmer. Or, if I'm trying to be a bit less of a booze-head, I'd genuinely settle for some Twinings...I've never tried  that salted caramel green tea one as it's never bloody on offer but it's still a damn sight cheaper than this tea! ;-)

TWO . . . I may not be a scientist, but I feel I can safely say, without proof, that this anti-sarcasm breath spray  from Find Me A Gift really really works...

*sprays some*

Oh wait . . . I was totally wrong! What an amazing gift!

THREE . . . Want to thoroughly deflate someone? These balloons may help.

I'm actually feeling a bit upset just looking at them so they do get the job done I guess. I just wouldn't particularly want them as a stocking filler.

FOUR . . . From I Want One of Those, we have a grow-your-own-Christmas-tree box in with the gift ideas. Is it only me who sees the flaw in this?

By the time I get my gift, Christmas will be nearly over.... I no longer have the need for a Christmas tree. Oh, and it takes 18 months to sprout into a full tree so I am not going to have it for next Christmas either. Oh well...

FIVE . . . I'm pretty sure this one would go down really well as a gift in your office Secret Santa.

Maybe not.

So that's a wrap (pun most definitely not intended) for this year; join us again next year (if I remember) for another round-up of some gifts I really would not thank you for. As always, this is intended to be a very much tongue-in-cheek post, the links have been included if you actually are considering buying any of these for your friends or yourself.

But . . . please don't buy any of these for me,. You have been warned.

Check out here, here and here for previous editions of The Gift of Giving. I'll be honest; there's probably a better choice of ridiculous gifts in the old versions. I miss the past. :-(

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