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P'S 2016 IN BLOG POSTS . . .

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

I genuinely struggle with the fact it's been exactly a year since I posted my Scotland the Beautiful post about Glen Etive . . . I feel life passes by in a flash at the best of times but 2016 has definitely been one of the fastest!

I have definitely got more I want to say about 2016 and I hope I will have time to do so before the year ends (but given how time keeps slipping by who knows if I will) but, in the meantime, I thought I'd do somewhat of a lazy post and compile a sort of "best of" (in my opinion) of the posts that I published in 2016.

I call it "lazy"... in reality it will probably take me longer to put this together than a post I'm writing from scratch and as I type I'm almost already regretting it. But . . . for me 2016 was the year I properly "found" blogging again, and so I want to highlight some of my own favourite posts from this period of my life. So let's get going, and I hope you will join me on my journey!

"A picture of your sister's kitten you posted gets more likes than any selfie you have ever posted of yourself. That's not a kick in the teeth at all. "
There's a whole world of first world problems to be found on Instagram . . . in this post I document mine!

"Even yesterday, I came across one from five years ago where I'd wrote "Well, that's it over then :-(" . . . when I clicked on the comments it turned out I'd actually been sad because Andy Murray had been beaten in the Australian Open. But I had to make it sound like it was something I had been personally affected by until someone actually asked me if I was okay. What an utter fudbucket I was."
The Facebook Memories feature gives a lot of brilliant memories . . . but it can also be pretty cringeworthy. I told you why I was a complete Facebook drama queen right here.

"The minute someone says "oh, you won't believe what happens in season 3 of -inserttvprogrammehere-" I suddenly find myself fighting the urge to go and look it up online... and quickly give in to said urge. "
Back in February, I posted about why I like spoilers. Is that weird? I don't care. Don't worry though - I made it clear that I do not tell people the spoilers. I am not an arse like that.

"Simple carbs just aren't as aesthetically pleasing as fruit  and vegetables and rainbow colours . . . however they taste far far better than they photograph. ;-)"
Social media has made it easy for us to create a different life for ourselves. Sometimes even by accident. I posted about the social media myths about me right here..

"It's like Eyelash Russian Roulette every bloody time."
False eyelashes and me: a memoir of sorts.

"This is probably the Facebook sin that winds me up the most. If you're not sure what I mean . . . have you ever posted a status update, or witnessed someone else doing so, only for someone else to comment on it and make it all about them? It's one-upping at its finest, but annoying as fuck. Did you break your arm? Well they broke both their arms and a leg TWENTY YEARS AGO and are going to tell you all about it on YOUR status update about your broken arm! Or they've just actually got a paper cut but, trust me, it's MUCH more serious than what you're going through."
I also blogged about behaviours I hate on Facebook. It's here - I already have a sequel planned so look out for that in the new year!

"When you remember recording your favourite songs off the top 40 on a cassette recorder, Betamax vs VHS wars . . . and you still refer to recording programmes on your Tivo or Sky+ as "taping."
I was 37 this year. But back when I was a youngster of (ahem!) 36 I posted a blog about the things that made me feel old. There was a lot of 'em.  I really would not be surprised if there is a sequel to that too . . . I just don't even want to think about that yet!

"Is it an opinion piece, a list? Is it meant to be funny, or serious? How do I start it? Do I have enough thoughts on the particular subject to actually produce more than a paragraph? The pressure gets to me and I end up with two lines in a saved draft in my blogger account and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It is actually ridiculous how many half-finished post ideas I have."
As I posted more this year than I had in a good few years, some of the downsides to blogging became more apparent to me . . . so I thought a post about those was definitely in order. Find it here.

"You frequently quote from it. (My personal favourite "It's a moo point. It's like a cow's opinion. It doesn't matter. It's moo." can surprisingly be inserted into a lot of conversations.) "
Hands down, "Friends" is my favourite programme in the world, even though I've watched every episode five thousand times. Here I blogged about how you know if you are also a Friends addict.

"Oh my God, the food itself is enough to make me immediately want to return. Baked feta is the absolute bomb (boyfriend bought two packs of feta in Tesco as soon as we got home so we could recreate that dish asap!); or how about sausage stuffed with feta and garlic? Sausage in a spicy tomato sauce? Moussaka? Kleftiko? Sofrito? "
I visited the Greek island of Corfu for the third year in a row this year. There are a lot of reasons for that, and I talked about that back in May.

"On one recent walk, the fella threatened to start a Tumblr about the things I come out with when I'm on one of these very trying walks. I'm pretty sure they are normal things for people to say though. You want some examples??? I have a few . . ."
The truth behind some of my instagram pics of me being "active" was revealed in this particular post in June.

"The holiday don't start until there's a picture of me on Facebook (at the very least!) waving a glass of wine at the airport - no matter the time of day"
There are certain things you simply must do on social media when you are on holiday. Here is my tongue-in-cheek guide.

I hope you remember some of these or  had time to click on some of the links if you haven't popped by before . . . or simply enjoyed the little excerpts I have included from them all. And I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas eve and day.

Merry Christmas!!! :-)

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