Friday, 30 September 2016


I'm not long back from a holiday abroad. Didn't you know? Chances are, if you follow me on any form of social media you probably do know. As I really like making sure everyone knows I'm on holiday and having fun.

I'm sure it's not just me - after all, you're in a different place from usual, so why wouldn't you be wanting to tell all and sundry what you're up to?

So here's my guide to things you should be doing on social media when you're on holiday . . .

The obligatory airport Facebook check-in, complete with glass of alcohol
The holiday don't start until there's a picture of me on Facebook (at the very least!) waving a glass of wine at the airport - no matter the time of day

Plane selfie
If you don't take a piccie of yourself on the plane and later post it on Instagram, were you really on a plane?

A tweet to your holiday company to moan about something... because something always goes wrong
They ran out of wine on the plane? (This has happened to me before.) They messed you about with your transfer bus? It's a long drive to your resort (usually) so you might as well complain while you wait... and then be inevitably infuriated by the unhelpful response.

Hot dogs or legs pic
Personally my legs are too chubby to be mistaken for hot dogs, but if they were I'd probably do this. However, I will still probably take the odd picture of my legs, on a lounger, with a glass of vino in hand...

"Hard day at the office"/ "not the usual Monday morning view" type post
You know the kind I mean, right? Pic of the pool or beach with a variation on one of the above captions. Sometimes with added "hot dog or legs" bonus footage. If you can post it right at the time where everyone you know will be in the office, do it. They'll love it. I promise. ;-)

Picture of cocktails
Doesn't matter if you don't usually drink cocktails. It's a must on holiday! Top tip: just have one cocktail for the photo opp and then switch to your usual drink. If you can tie the name of one into a song lyric for an instagram caption, even better! (For example... a picture of a tequila sunrise captioned "it's another tequila sunrise..." Or "Tequila . . . it makes me happy". You'll be glad to know the tequila themed part of the post is now over. And yes... I used both of them on one holiday!)

At least one mirror selfie showing you are wearing far less clothes than everyone back home
Whether that's because you have a hot bikini bod (not me!) or you just aren't likely to wear that particular item of clothing ever back home because it isn't hot enough (definitely me!) this is something you need to do!

And so that ends my list. I'm sure I had absolutely tons more, but once I actually sat down to type this up, they suddenly had all drained out of my brain. Please note that this is very much tongue-in-cheek and, when I'm on holiday again next week (yep, I only got back from the last one four weeks ago but I'm away again) you can guarantee most of the above will be happening on social media. So . . . you might want to follow me?!? (Here for twitter, here for instagram.) (Shameless plug, I know, but I'm not sorry!)

Have I missed any? What do you always make sure to do on social media while on holiday, or anything you've noticed other people doing? Feel free to share in the comments section - I do love a comment!


  1. This has made me want to go on holiday so much! I even love the airport parts. Is it really a flight from Glasgow Airport if you don't go to the Spoons? xx

  2. Haha! Looks like a lovely holiday. I tend to have a beer at the airport, not wine. That seems to be the trend amongst my friends!

    Corinne x

  3. Nice article, thank you for the sharing

  4. Haha this really made me giggle! It's all very true, it's almost as if you didn't go on holiday if you don't post these snaps! I'm off to Portugal in August so hopefully I'll be able to complete the whole list (minus the complaints one haha ;-))

    Abbey 😇


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