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I've been a big fan of the Greek Islands for years but over the last few years Corfu has became a firm favourite . . . So much so that I've just returned from a week holiday there for the third year in a row!

So this is where I'm going to tell you why I go to Corfu . . . And why YOU should consider going too!

1. Holidays are cheap
Compared to Spain or Spanish islands, booking a holiday to a Greek island tends to be far more reasonably priced  (at least it does from Glasgow!) and Corfu is consistently one of the cheapest. Please note though that a low price does not spell out bad quality when it comes to this beautiful island!

2. It's a short flight
Some of the Greek Islands  (Rhodes for example) are a five plus hour flight from the UK. As Corfu is actually situated slightly north west of Greece and actually more in line with Albania it is only a 3 and a half hour flight from Glasgow if you are (like myself) not a great flyer. Ideal!

3. Great weather

Beautiful weather - you can find the apartments here!

I've always went in May where admittedly the weather can be a bit changeable still at times... but I've never had less than five lovely days in a week and those days, although seeming to be in the late teens, low twenties according to the weather forecast, have a real feel of far higher temperatures. That being said, it's never felt overly humid... which is a great thing!

4. The food
Oh my God, the food itself is enough to make me immediately want to return. Baked feta is the absolute bomb (boyfriend bought two packs of feta in Tesco as soon as we got home so we could recreate that dish asap!); or how about sausage stuffed with feta and garlic? Sausage in a spicy tomato sauce? Moussaka? Kleftiko? Sofrito? Cheese pies? I could go on. (But I'll stop. And just refer you to a selection of some of the delicious meals I sampled this year in the below pic.)

If you're not into Greek food there are plenty of other cuisine options on offer and even the traditional Greek places tend to offer non-Greek options... but as far as I'm concerned the Greek options were by far the best! If you are in Sidari I would recommend The Three Little Pigs, El Greco or Ocean Taverna for delicious meals. You're welcome!

5. Friendly people
The people in Corfu are so friendly and will do their best to make you feel at home. You're warmly greeted when you enter a restaurant, they'll go out of their way to make conversation with you and often will even shake your hand when you leave! Occasionally you might even be provided with a little shot of kumquat liqueur with the bill (if you're really lucky!). You don't get that happening much back at home. Nor do you pop into a shop for wine for the apartment and find yourself having a twenty minute conversation with the shop owners about Brexit! And if you don't speak Greek don't worry - no one expects you to be able to. Phew! Yamas! (Feel free to learn more words if you want - unfortunately that's the only one I know - it's "cheers" by the way!)

6. Varied types of holiday available
Corfu has many different resorts so can cater to all. You have Kavos for the clubber type holidays  (well I'm assuming here as I've never been there but I have had the dubious pleasure of seeing a couple of episodes of "What Happens in Kavos"...), you have tiny quiet resorts if you want to get away from it all (if you do, I would highly recommend Kalami, which is teeny but stunning) . . . And Sidari, where I've stayed the past two years, has a lovely mix of quiet and busy, traditional and modern. You can stay in apartments that seem remote and set in countryside but the actual hustle and bustle of the main strip of Sidari is a mere ten minute walk away so you can literally have the best of both. Ideal!

7. Fantastic scenery

Posing at the Canal d'Amour
Pop up to the Canal d'Amour (or remains of it anyway) in Sidari, or get a more traditional vibe in Corfu town, taking in the culture and shops. There is plenty to see and do if you're not a beach person. When we stayed in Kalami two years ago we hired a boat and sailed up and down the coast a bit which is a great way of seeing more of Corfu. You also get some stunning sunsets over both Corfu and neighbouring Albania.

Corfu town

Sunset pic courtesy of the fella

8. The prices
All that wonderful food I mentioned? Ridiculously cheap. Once again, the quality does not suffer.  You'd never get these dishes at home for such reasonable prices! The alcohol is also very cheap both in restaurants/bars and if you're just looking to buy a bottle or two for your apartment/as a holiday gift.

So . . . what are you waiting for? Get that holiday booked, stat!

Oh, and take me with you? Please???


  1. I love the Greek Islands! I'm going to Zante next year :)

    Corinne x


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