Thursday, 5 May 2016


So today is the Scottish elections and I got out bright and early this morning prior to work to put my votes in.

Voting is one of those things that makes me feel anxious. Here's why . . .

It makes me nervous
It's just such a serious process, because you know it means something (no matter how many people think it doesn't). It makes me feel like I'm under exam conditions and I always come out of the polling station wondering if I actually voted for who I intended to vote for. (Today I made extra sure I did so for once I actually know I definitely did. But I was still nervous.) One of the reasons I make sure I go in the morning, as early as I can, before work, is so I can make sure it's out of the way and I'm not thinking about it all day. (I don't really trust postal votes, so this isn't really an option for me).

Finding where you need to vote in the polling station
Even with lists of which table to go to or even someone directing me directly to the table, I am always worried that I am going to somehow end up at the wrong one, 

The fear that I am actually not registered to vote
Despite, y'know, holding the polling card in my hand. :-/

The gauntlet of canvassers outside
I know how I'm voting - I don't need an armful of leaflets from all the other parties when I'm actually headed into the polling station itself to make my actual vote (and I am too busy worrying about whether I'll get lost trying to find where I need to vote or whether I'm actually registered or not to feign politeness).

That I won't fold my ballot paper properly or something equally ridiculous
A lot of my anxieties about voting are pretty irrational and this is one of them. But it's still valid. For example, today one of the ballot papers was much bigger than the other one. I folded them both over once as normal and then when I got to the ballot boxes realised the big one was still too big to fit in the box and was standing next to it folding it up extra feeling the eyes of the staff on me, feeling like an idiot.

That who I voted for won't win
This is probably the biggest anxiety. But, let's face it, not everyone can win. And at least I've voted. Because everyone knows you are only allowed to complain about the result if you've actually made sure your voice was heard.

And that's why I force myself to vote despite my irrational worries!

Am I alone in this?

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