Tuesday, 19 April 2016


I'm quite a girly girl. I love dresses and make-up and chick-lit, and pretty hair. I take pride in my appearance. But then sometimes when I'm listening to other girls talking, or reading a beauty blog, I wonder if I'm missing some vital genes. Let me elaborate on some of the reasons why I sometimes think I'm actually sort of failing at being a "girly girl".


I love colourful nails, but I sometimes feel like everyone is away spending money on shellac (I'm not even sure about the spelling of that, let alone what it actually is) and getting their nails done professionally while my nail routine is 1) put on nail polish in a hurry 2) smudge it 3) start peeling it off the second it starts chipping 4) repeat with another new nail colour daily.

Foundation names

I can't even remember what my current foundation BRAND is if I need to replace it yet other girls can have whole conversations where they bascally name different types of one foundation BRAND that they all seem to use. It's like they are fluent in a whole other language I just don't understand. See also: lipstick names. I think the main problem is that I'm just not fluent in Mac. :-/


I've spoke about this one before. If I have a day where my eyebrows end up looking remotely symmetrical it's a red letter day indeed. Most of the time, I am having a permanent bad eyebrow day.


I'll have a whole separate post on this at one point but . . . I hate getting my hair done. I have literally been to a hairdresser like five times in my whole life, I can't enjoy it the way other people seem to. They see it as a pamper session, I see it as a torture session complete with horrific small talk.

Eyeshadow Blending

I have watched like five million youtube tutorials on how to blend eyeshadow and yet I still can't understand how to do it. It's very upsetting.

Cleansing routine

I rarely take my make-up off. I have literally only in the past few weeks started trying to maintain a regular cleansing routine, and that's only because I feel like it's a necessity.  I'm not getting any younger after all! I]m still struggling with it though. It's sooo much easier just to add more make-up onto that already on my face on any given day!

"Going out" make-up

My "going out" make-up literally looks exactly like my day-to-day make-up. No matter how hard I try. Maybe it's not that I'm not a girly girl . . . maybe I'm just really shit at make-up!

Am I alone here? Please let me know if you identify!


  1. I never get my nails done professionally! I have in the past and it's wrecked my nails and I prefer to be able to swap and change my colours when I please.

    Corinne x

  2. I love your honesty and tbh I feel the same sometimes! I look at my eyebrows and think I haven't had you bad boys done in a while!

    And I completely agree about the hairdressers! It seems like such a waste of time and I always hate the way they cut it for about 2 weeks until I'm used to it. I've given up - I'm growing it out and I just don't care about my split ends at the moment.

    Great post, really made me smile :)

    Amber - ambambe.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. Love these make-up essentials!
    Jabeen x


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