Thursday, 14 April 2016


This blog has been my little website home for over eight years now, and I do love it here; however most things, however good, usually have a few drawbacks . . . so here are my downsides to blogging!

No ideas
Sometimes there are just no ideas in my head. I try to think of blog post ideas but it's like there's just a blank space in the little portion of my brain reserved for blogging. At points like that I start barking "think of some blog ideas" at the fella (poor guy) and then mock any ideas he actually comes up with, despite being put on the spot by me. At least he's actually THINKING of some, unlike me! Even looking through blog posts listing blog ideas or inspiration often has me still shooting mental blanks. It's like I just have to wait for the ideas to come to me sometimes - I can't force them, and it's very frustrating!

Writer's block
Sometimes I have loads of ideas, but I literally have no idea how to start a post about them. At the moment I actually have a massive list which I have saved in my Wunderlist app, and I add to this list every single time I think of anything that I could post about. Any little idea, no matter how big or small, since sometimes a couple of these ideas might actually combine to make one big post, you just never know! But that's the problem. Sometimes I look at this list, think "okay, let's do this!" and my brain just turns to mush and I can't figure out how to go about the post I want to do. Is it an opinion piece, a list? Is it meant to be funny, or serious? How do I start it? Do I have enough thoughts on the particular subject to actually produce more than a paragraph? The pressure gets to me and I end up with two lines in a saved draft in my blogger account and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It is actually ridiculous how many half-finished post ideas I have. Eventually I know, in most cases, inspiration will hit me on how to actually follow through on the idea . . . but like my previous point, I usually can't force it. If I do, it feels very obvious that I have!

Lack of comments
I don't get a massive amount of comments on my posts these days. Sometimes I don't get any. The posts where I didn't get any comments used to be few and far between, these days these posts are more par for the course. In around 2009/2010 I was at my peak probably and on one occasion I actually got about 40 comments on a post - that was a one-off experience though, and these days I'm happy if I get two or three. I know you shouldn't measure your blog by the comments on it, I know many people who read blogs and don't comment (and I don't always either) and I know that often these days a lot of the discussion tends to take place on the social media where you're promoting your blog rather than on the comments section of a blog post itself . . . but there's still that little part of me which feels disappointed when I check my blog after writing a post I'm quite proud of only to see that there are no comments there awaiting moderation.

Not having a niche
When I started blogging, the whole process was generally more of a personal thing . . . I treated my blog like a public diary, outlining the funny things that happened to me, my love life (or lack of for most of the time), and my inner thoughts and feelings when I was going through particularly shitty times in my life. A lot of people who were also personal bloggers back when I first started out have since found that once their life has improved, once they are happier, they have less to blog about . . . and I found that too, but I still loved blogging and wanted to continue. So my blog has pretty much morphed into a lifestyle one, since that is probably the logical progression for a former personal blogger. But I still sometimes feel like I don't really fit into the lifestyle niche. And I feel a bit old for it too. And that maybe my blog is a bit all over the place and I don't have a proper theme and people won't want to read it because they don't know if they're going to get a snarky list, a random recipe or a reality TV show drinking game when they click onto my website. I kinda like the randomness myself and that personally is what I look for in a blog . . . but I know not everyone feels the same way!

Lack of understanding
I think I'm pretty intelligent (I like to think so anyway!) but I struggle to get my head around things like html, self-hosting and SEO among other things. I try to read up on them, and there are so many useful blog posts out there about these things . . . but I find it all a bit of a minefield and feel totally (silly pun coming up - wait for it!) "blogged down in it". Sometimes I wonder if this lack of knowledge is holding me back a bit.

Having things to do IRL
I often struggle to fit in time to blog, especially as I like to read other people's blogs as well, and catch up with social media . . . and when you throw in 35 hours a week in the office, plus exercise (I'd prefer not to throw that in, but it is a necessary evil), plus catching up on TV, reading and socialising, it leaves little room for actually blogging, despite me having the best of intentions about posting more often, or scheduling posts in advance. And I don't know about you, but going back to my first point . . . does anyone else find that idea inspiration will strike you most often when you're nowhere near your computer? I have been struck by some of my best ideas in the pub, in the office, or in the middle of a road trip with no internet signal for miles around. And this, my friends, is one of the reasons I have started noting down my ideas on my list as soon as they hit me. I hate to think of the amount of potentially brilliant ideas I thought of and then lost over the years before I started doing this.

Maybe one day they'll come back to me . . .

Have you experienced any downsides to blogging?


  1. I can very much relate to this list -writer's block can be pretty annoying and I think we all have days where we can't come up with any new ideas. Just like you I get the best ideas when I'm nowhere near my computer, that's why I sometimes go to Starbucks just to get inspired and let my thoughts flow. When it comes to comments I've noticed that the more active people are, the more comments they get. During the first months I didn't get any comments at all and then I started getting more involved in the community and commenting on other people's blogs and it changed :) xx

  2. I find comments a really strange thing. I will often read a post on bloglovin while on the bus and think oo I must comemnt on that when im home (as commenting on my mobile is such a faff) and then I forget!

  3. I started my blog on Friday, which means anything blog 101 is absolutely fascinating for me to read haha! but I do worry about whether or not people find my blog interesting and that's why I may not get a lot of comments x


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