Friday, 1 April 2016


Being 36 is . . . well a lot of the time I forget I'm actually 36 so it's not all that bad. I don't look that old, and I certainly don't act that old so I often feel younger than I am. But there are certain things that are virtually guaranteed to make me (and possibly you also?) feel old . . . and here are some examples!

  • When someone younger tells you they really like that new (insert artist here) song but it's actually a cover version and they don't realise that and you remember the original version like it was yesterday. See also: film remakes. (or "reboots" as they seem to be calling them now...)

  • When someone 10 years younger than you is going on about how old they are. No. Please stop it now.  (If you're 10 years older than me and reading this, I apologise in advance and realise the irony.)

  • When you're talking about a TV programme from your childhood and no one else remembers it. Recently happened to me when Paul Daniels died, and I was trying to describe the TV show Wizbit to one of my colleagues - but when I googled it I found a website which said it had stopped running in 1986, which was the year she was born. AND I ACTUALLY THINK OF HER AS BEING THE SAME AGE AS ME!

  • When you remember recording your favourite songs off the top 40 on a cassette recorder, Betamax vs VHS wars . . . and you still refer to recording programmes on your Tivo or Sky+ as "taping.

  • When you realise that people who have just became legal to drink WERE BORN IN THE MID-NINETIES and you became legal to drink in 1997.

  • When you're on a night out and you're the only one who is not ID'd.

  • And speaking of which, when you're buying a bottle of wine at the self-service checkout in Tesco and the member of staff authorising you are legal to buy alcohol barely even glances at you before stabbing the "customer is clearly over 25" option on the screen. Absolutely gutting.

  • When you realise that the "new" pub you are currently in has had five or six different incarnations in the many years you've been legal to drink . . . and you've been in every version of it. And still prefer the original.

  • When you remember a time when candles were only there for emergency purposes in the event of a powercut. Now you can end up paying 20 quid for one just because it looks and/or smells nice.

  • Grey hair. And not on purpose. I don't even feel like I need to elaborate on this one.

Can you identify? What else makes you feel old?


  1. I remember Wizbit, so I'm a bit shocked to read that it finished in 1986!

  2. I was carded for years whenever I wanted to buy alcohol. Now, not so much.

    I felt young until I attended college for four years as a non-traditional student. Students and professors alike seemed to find great joy in pointing out how much older I am than the other students. I remember one professor talking about being a teenager in the 1970s. He asked me to confirm whatever he was saying about it and I'm like, "I don't know how old you think I am but I wasn't a teenager back then!"

  3. Ha yep, all of those! It's also funny getting offended by the "clearly over 25" thing because that's ridiculously young and it's really no insult to look over 25, yet we all still get offended anyway. It's my experience that you ALWAYS feel old because you're always the oldest you've ever been, right? Then ten years later you're like "Nope, I was NOT old, I am an idiot, because NOW I am old!"

    You know, till ten years later again and you realize that wasn't old either.:)

    Your inner age is more important. That's the real you, young 36 year old P.

  4. It makes me feel old when people say I can't believe "this film" was released 20 years ago! Shhh, no it wasn't. I also feel old when I tut on the bus when yoofs say swears.... I'm only 31! X

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  5. I don't consider myself old because, well, I'm not (I'm 23... sorry :P), it always makes me feel super old whenever I remember that a lot of university freshers today were born in 1998... the horror!!


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