Wednesday, 16 March 2016


I'm missing something, something important.

It's been lost for a while, perhaps even my whole life. Can anyone find it for me?

Yup. It's my willpower. And I have no idea where the hell it is.

Oscar Wilde once said "I can resist everything except temptation". I can definitely identify. I struggle to go on diets, health kicks, give up things that are bad for me, stick to exercise, keep things tidy . . . I am an actual nightmare of a person.

Mind that time I gave up wine for Lent and lasted two weeks? That was taunting me just the other week in my Facebook memories.

A couple of times I've actually avoided all booze for close to two weeks . . . and then reward myself with wine. Which is logical.

It's the diet/healthy eating that's the worst for me though. I get all gung-ho about it, meal-plan my arse off, imagining the better, healthier, more well-rounded person I'm going to become . . . It will be a whole new me. I'll probably end up into yoga, drinking home-made smoothies, get up hangover-free on Saturday and go for runs . . . nah, that last one especially was definitely my imagination running away with me, and I think pretty much anyone who knows me will agree. I can't even run for a bus while hangover-free.

But it quickly all falls by the wayside.

So on Monday I started my health kick again - this time I was determined that none of the pitfalls of starting a health kick I blogged about a few weeks ago were going to happen. I had made up soup that was going to last me for lunches for at least two days. Breakfast was to be yogurt and fruit. I was to be having a solo dinner, so I opted for a slimming world recipe which had been doing the rounds . . . creamy Cajun chicken pasta. I was being so good. And  I resisted the homemade cookies that one of my teammates had brought into work, despite my colleagues all raving about them. To be fair, I was surprised at that myself but I did it by completely ignoring the cookies - if I couldn't see them, they weren't there.

But nothing lasts forever . . . and although I was still going well on Tuesday, the second the fella suggested we go out for dinner, I was like "Hell yeah!" and proceeded to go out for dinner, have two courses which were definitely not salad (although do beer-battered mushrooms count as salad? Even sort of? No?) and the inevitable wine. (Now, surely wine counts as one of my five a day? Even sort of? No?)

And then I'm sort of like "well, I've fallen off the wagon now so let's just keep on going" - so I ended up going out with my sister tonight for dinner. And even though she's off booze for Lent, I still had a glass of sauv blah. On top of our monster sized shared garlic bread . . . and a burger. Although she did eat most of my fries.

I actually don't know how anyone can stick to a diet when there are so many temptations waving at us and calling "Coo-ee! Over here!" just in case you haven't noticed them waving. I have lost fairly large amounts of weight several times over the course of my adult life . . . and looking back I don't know how the fuck I actually ever managed it. Because these days my willpower is pretty much non-existent - and a couple of days seems to be my limit before the pizza, wine and chocolate makes a successful comeback.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to resist temptation and prove big Oscar wrong . . . then please hit me up.

Until then I'll be sitting here thinking about pizza .

Mmmm. Pizza . . .


  1. Stop dieting! The minute you think something is off limits, that's all you crave. Plus, life is just too short!! X.

  2. Haha, I'm exactly the same! I'm so bad with will power and as soon as I stop doing something, I find it hard to get back on the wagon.

    Corinne x


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