Monday, 14 March 2016


I used to walk all the time. Everywhere. For close to ten years I did a nearly five mile round trip to work, on foot. As well as preferring to walk pretty much anywhere rather than taking public transport if I could.

But since getting into the relationship with the fella, my walking has slightly fallen by the wayside especially since he has a parking space this year so driving to work seems to just make sense. I barely walk to work anymore. I'm soooo unfit. Anyway, today was the seven millionth time I start my diet, and it just so happened to coincide with the fella having a work thing after work. So I suggested leaving the car at home, knowing I'd have to walk home anyway - I figured that way I could get a decent long walk and that would be my exercise for the day!

However, much as the exercise made me feel all good about myself, I'd forgotten about some of the bad points . . .

Other people getting in my way . . .  As you know, I hate people in general. So them getting in my way - seemingly walking towards me on purpose on many occasions - means I get angry and mutter curses not quite under my breath and one day I will probably definitely be beaten up by someone who actually hears me.

Falling-down tights . . . This is something I suffer from a lot. And it's quite difficult to attempt to hold your tights up as you walk. There's nowt like that sinking feeling as you feel the top of your tights start to roll down past your stomach and at that is pretty much the point of no return until you get somewhere private to remedy the situation. Trust me. It's no fun.

Chafing . . . this can be caused by the falling-down tights. Or your jeans rubbing together. In my case it's the falling down tights. And it's fucking-painful.

When you discover your boots ain't made for walking . . . Okay, so you've walked to the train, or the pub down the road in your nice new boots and they've felt lovely and comfortable. But treat them to a forty minute walk and you might discover they've could double as some sort of torture device. Tonight I have a hole in the toe of my tights, a blister, and shaky ankles. Not happy.

Twatty traffic lights . . . Constantly getting to the lights five seconds after they've changed from green to red. Then having to wait what appears to be seven hours for them to change back to green in your favour.

Drivers forgetting to indicate until the last minute . . . So you're crossing a road quite innocently and they suddenly start indicating into the road you're crossing two seconds before they are actually going to turn. Fuck you, man, I was here first. (Yeah, with that attitude I'm probably going to get knocked down one day, aren't I?)

If you see someone you know, you might have to, you know, actually engage with them . . . Actually, that was pretty nice today. I ran into two colleagues and stopped for a wee chat, and then ran into one of my lovely former teammates who I hadn't seen since November. So today that was a good thing. But if you get me in the morning before I've decided to be human for the day, or when I'm in a bad mood or maybe I'm just in a hurry, I'm possibly going to resent having to talk to you! If you're in a car, you don't need to do that!

Do You have any pedestrian woes? Feel free to share!

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  1. I defiantly prefer walking more than public transport, but I'm like you. If someone gets in my way I grumble... Not quite under my breath either :) x

    Great post


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