Monday, 28 March 2016


Oh Facebook . . . sometimes I love ya. Sometimes I do want to just delete my whole account and walk away forever. There are good points, yes, but there are quite a few behaviours on there that do my head in.

Before I start, I'd like to point out that 1) I may have been guilty of some of these things before in the past and 2) I'm not going to hate you forever if you do do any of these things. Please treat this post as a bit of a tongue in cheek one, although these particular Facebook sins may annoy me, they might also occasionally amuse me, and I won't necessarily dislike someone as a result of these.

Plus I'm sure that there are things I do that aren't on this list that piss others off. But this isn't about me. ;-)

That being cleared up, let's proceed with my list . . .

Hijacking Someone Else's Status Update
This is probably the Facebook sin that winds me up the most. If you're not sure what I mean . . . have you ever posted a status update, or witnessed someone else doing so, only for someone else to comment on it and make it all about them? It's one-upping at its finest, but annoying as fuck. Did you break your arm? Well they broke both their arms and a leg TWENTY YEARS AGO and are going to tell you all about it on YOUR status update about your broken arm! Or they've just actually got a paper cut but, trust me, it's MUCH more serious than what you're going through.

Multiple quiz posts
I don't actually mind the odd quiz post status update (and I have been known to partake myself on occasion) but if you do it all the time, it gets a bit tiresome. Do we really need to know what minion you would be if the opportunity arose, what Beatles song you would be AND what type of cheese you would be IN THE SPACE OF 12 HOURS??? Speaking of which, who the heck even MAKES UP these quizzes? They have a LOT to answer for . . .
PS. I am totally a Double Gloucester with chives. Just sayin'. ;-)

Deleting posts due to lack of attention
I see people deleting posts because they've put up status updates which are blatantly for attention and then either not had any likes/comments, or have not garnered the comments they were actually looking for so they've suddenly vanished. Now, don't get me wrong, I would guess the majority of Facebook updates are predominantly posted for attention (I'm not a hypocrite; I will fully admit I get a massive buzz from getting a lot of likes for an update) . . . but people need to accept they might not always get a lot of likes and/or positive comments, particularly if they are putting up something controversial. Have the courage of your convictions though.

Cryptic status updates
Please, if you're going to post an update, just actually make it clear what you're talking about, eh? Cryptic status updates are frustrating as fuck. They're the subtweets of Facebook.

Hypocrisy in photo-tagging
I know people who hate being tagged in photos on Facebook and, if they tell me this, I will completely respect that and check with them before posting and tagging. However, if you don't like being tagged in photos on Facebook without someone checking with you first, you should not be taking great delight in tagging your friends in pictures you know they won't like. I've witnessed this a few times. Thankfully it was not pictures of me, but then I'm a firm believer that my bad pictures just make my rare good pictures look better so this point just bothers me on behalf of other people.

Game invites
Just stop it.

Do you have any Facebook sins you want to share? I'd love to hear.


  1. Haha, Facebook has become so annoying lately. All the sharing of quizzes and click bait is frustrating!

    Corinne x

  2. Cryptic status updates are the WORST! I'm Facebook friends with people for a reason, and it's because I'm interested in the happenings of their lives. I want to know what's going on or not no at all- no in between. ;) Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  3. You know, I have avoided FB for years now. I had an account way back in time when it was new and didn't see the point in it (for me anyway) so deleted it and never looked back. Now most of my old blog buddies aren't blogging but are on FB and I have the dilemma. Do I get it to keep up with everyone or do I stay old school and just email the shit out of everyone instead, because I am obstinate? I think you know the answer. :) My favourite thing about FB actually is when people use it for evil. Like posting hilarious comments on other people's stuff. Preferably people they don't know.

  4. I have someone who always posts cryptic facebook updates or attention seeking ones! Status update - 'Fuming, can't believe that just happened!' Comment on status - 'What's up babe?' Reply - 'Nothing!' Erm, there clearly was but you just want attention or its the whole 'I will inbox you babe!' hahaha!

  5. You have forgotten people tagging you without permission. I open up my Facebook and all of a sudden am tagged in the weirdest stuff.

  6. I used to send game invites all the time, but that was five years ago and my friends and I were constantly sending them to each other so we could get more items in the games. What really annoys me is when people keep posting updates on their progress in those games. "This person reached level 5 in FarmVille!" Good for them, go buy a cake and celebrate it, but not in my feed xD

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation


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