Sunday, 21 February 2016


So this weekend me and the fella popped over for a wee overnight stay in Tarbert. I've only been there once before, passing through it on the way back from Campbeltown last year... but I remembered it being very pretty, so had got the fella a hotel deal as part of his Christmas deal. I was glad my memory hadn't deceived me, as it is a lovely wee place.

 Around about two hours drive from Glasgow, you can reach the little harbour village of Tarbert by road (drive up the side of Loch Lomond, take a left at Tarbet (no relation), and then it's a dramatic drive past the Arrochar Alps and along the Rest and Be Thankful (A83) road (my second favourite road, btw).

Alternatively you can go to Portavadie on the Cowal peninsula (if you're new to this blog, you'll soon find out we like to explore peninsulas!) and get a ferry over.

After checking into the hotel we went for a little wander, snapping pics of the village, and then heading up to Tarbert Castle, on a hill above it. The views from atop the hill were ace! We knew the weather was going to turn soon, and unfortunately it did, while we were up exposed on the hill. As we hurried back down, I slid and ended up on my arse on the spongy muddy ground in amongst sheep droppings. I was not impressed!!! So, if you do head up that way and it's been wet, watch your footing!

As you can probably guess, I was really not impressed with the whole falling over in mud situation . . . it was straight back to the hotel after that to shower and change clothes before being bought a medicinal wine or two in the pub next door to the hotel. That instantly helped - despite me being jacket-less since mine was covered in shit and I didn't anticipate having to have a spare one of those with me.

As for the hotel itself, that was lovely - the Anchor Hotel had comfy, well-equipped rooms, we had a lovely view of the water, the staff were friendly . . . and the Seabed restaurant which was part of the hotel was fantastic. I had goats cheese and hazelnut croquettes followed by pork belly and it was absolutely delicious. Thoroughly recommend!

If you are ever in the area, you should definitely head to Tarbert for a visit. In fact, why not check out Campbeltown and the rest of the Kintyre peninsula while you're at it? (You can see my post here about the rest of the area.)
For more information about Tarbert, you can go here.

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